DS turning 6, need ideas

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by clj1410, Jan 12, 2009.

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    Feb 21, 2008
    I really need some help. My DS turns 6 next month and i have no idea what to do for his birthday. We try to do an out of the house birthday party every other year. So this year is an at home party!

    I don't know whether i want to invite all the boys from his Kindergarten class, as there are some he does not like, and i am not sure that i want 15 kids running around my small house.

    He has about 4 friends outside of school. So i don't know whether to just take him and his 4 friends somewhere and then have pizza and cake at home afterwards or just have a small party at home and hope that all of his 4 friends can come, or do i just invite all the kindergarten kids and just hope not all of them can come.

    I am so confussed, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    We usually do 2 parties. One for school. One for other friends. Why not do a theme party such as pirates, Disney character, transportation (cars, tractors, trains), what does your son really like? Sports?

    We invite all children from the school class but usually only about 6-7 show up. It depends on the politics of your school and if you really care about them. If not invite the boys he wants just send the invitations to their home and include his other 3-4 friends. :)
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    I am in the same boat you are. DS is also turning 6. I will be keeping my eye on this thread. :)
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    For my dd's 6th b'day we had it at home. I just invited the girls from her class...think there were 9.

    We played games like musical chairs, pass the present, etc.. I also bought one of those helium tanks at Walmart and filled my basement with balloons with long ribbons from them. They did balloon races, pop the balloon games, etc.. and had a ball. It was the cheapest party ever out of all my 3 kids parties over the years and they had a blast.

    What I've also done is take a couple friends to Chuck E Cheese or bowling or whatever. Don't reserve a b'day package. You can either bring a cake if it's in a mall or have a cake at home before or after.

    This weekend my son is going to a b'day at Coco Key Water Resort here in Mass.. The mom is just taking 5 boys and they will get pizza. Not buying the b'day package which is ridiculously overpriced.

    Some hotels may let you pay a day use rate of like $7 a person to use their pool for 2 hours as well. That way for under $30 your house can stay clean and he can have just the couple of kids he really wants. They may even let you bring a cake.

    Hope this gives you some ideas!

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