DS 6/16 Magic Trip Report - Long Part 1

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    Getting to the ship Day 1 - We started out on Friday from Georgia in my dad's Explorer with all of our things at about 1 pm. Out first stop was at a McDonalds for some lunch. Our next stop was for gas in southern Georgia. We then drove straight to Orlando, there we changed highways. We arrived in Port Canaveral at about 9:30 p.m.

    We checked in to the Radisson hotel. They had only two shuttle reservations left. We took the 10 a.m. shuttle, which was the earliest one. We then went to our hotel room. When we got there we ordered dinner. My sister had chicken fingers, I had a hot dog, my parents had onion rings and salads.

    While we waited my dad and I went and got the rest of the bags. After we ate, we watched TV. We prepared for the cruise and double checked everything. We then went to bed.

    First day on ship - Day 2 - We woke up at about 6 a.m. We finished filling out the cruise documents and packing everything so we had less bags. We then took our bags to the front. My mom checked out, while I stayed with the bags. My mom met another family who were going on the cruise and had been writing on the DIS board (Jobro). We then got in the van and left for the port.

    Right when we pulled into the port I saw the ship. It looked so big even though we weren't close. We kept driving until we got to the terminal. When we got there our driver got our bags out of the van. Then he showed us where he'd be next week. Then we went inside, after a guy took our bags.

    It was so big. There was a small lobby that had escalators that led to a huge lobby, checkin desk, model of the ship, and a walkway to the ship. We went to look at the model. The family we met introduced themselves and we introduced ourselves. We just kept looking at the model and the ship. Then when it was about 10:45 a.m. the check in desk opened, we got an Atlantis demo game. We got in line for the boarding, which we were 5th in line. When it was 12:00 p.m. we went through the gate. We put our carryons on the ex-ray belt and showed our tickets. There was the ship. I could see the entrance to the ship.

    We began walking across the gangplank and entered the Atrium on the third floor. As soon as we entered we saw 2 photography booths, 2 lines with a couple crew members, and 2 photographers. A crew member asked our names and then greeted by saying our names over a speaker, and then the crew clapped. We then had our pictures taken and set off down the hall towards the rear of the ship.

    We got on the elevators, which were really fast. We went to a buffet on the 9th floor where we ate at Topsiders for lunch, while my mom got her and dad reservations for Palo. After we ate we went upstairs to meet mom. My dad and sister changed into their swimsuits in the bathroom. They went to swim in the Mickey Pool. My mom and I went downstairs and got some food from Pluto's Dog House and Pinochio's Pizzeria. My mom got some coke mugs for my sister, mom, and me.

    It was now 1:45 so we could go to our staterooms. My mom and I went to our stateroom. When we got there we met our stateroom host, Kenroy. He had just dropped off 3 of our bags. We unpacked our bags. We then changed into our swimsuits. It was now about 2:45 p.m, when we left to go swimming at the Mickey Pool. We decided to sit and watch my sister. Little kids kept getting us wet, so we went to the Goofy Pool. When we got to the pool area I got 2 slices of cheese pizze. After I finished my sister got some pizza. My mom sat with my sister, while I went swimming. After we dried off we went back to the staterooms to change. It was 15 minutes until the emergency drill would sound. We put on our life jackets and got ready for it.

    We went down to our assembly station. There the crew put us in line. Then they called 2 rooms out and asked is everyone here. We then had to wait there. Then we were able to go back to our stateroom. When we got there we took off our vests. Since it was 4:30 we went up to the 9th floor for the sailaway party.

    When we got to the 9th floor it wasn't as I thought it would be. I noticed the Goofy pool was now a dance floor. My mom got some chairs while I got a trading card. We watched the dancers on the stages. Then the characters came and danced. Then the cruise director came and talked to us and the captain, who was on the intercom. There was a countdown and then he sounded the horn. Then we started to move to the rear of the ship. Since the ship was moving there was lots of wind. When we got to the back we blew bubbles (the wind blew the bubbles).

    When we finished we went down to the 4th floor where we went shopping in Mickey's Mates. I bought a room key holder and a deck of cards. We got my sister and I badges for the clubs. We then went to change for dinner at Luminere's. It was 8:15 when the doors opened.

    It looked so big and fancy. We were took to a table in the corner, where we learned our table number was 37. We met our servers, our food server was Imogen, and our water and drink server was Corrine. Our dinner partners weren't there. I had a cheese pizza, my mom and dad had beef tenderloin, and my sister had chicken fingers. My sister and I had Mickey bars with sprinklers on top, while my parents had cheesecake and Creme Burle for dessert.

    After dinner we went to Shutters to look at pictures. We then went to Quarter Masters and got a $10 game card. We played for about 30 minutes. I got some pizza from the pizzeria as a snack. We then went to our stateroom. There was a towel animal (Alligator) and bunk beds for my sister and me, and mints. We settled down for bed. After I looked at the personal navigator for the next day I went to sleep.

    Sunday - Day 3 - When I woke up I made a schedule for what I wanted to do today. I hadn't gotten a good sleep last night because we were passing through the gulf stream, which made the boat rock more. I finished making my list and put it and my key in the key holder with my $10 QuarterMasters card. I then got ready to go. I made sure I had my keyholder and watch before I left.

    We went up to Topsider's for breakfast, since my parents were going to Palo's for breakfast buffet. Topsider's had a really good breakfast buffet. We saw Imogen there.

    I started off to QuarterMasters at about 10 a.m. I played there until 11:30 when I went and got my coke mug. I then went to the pizzeria and got coke and pizza. I ate in our room. Then at 12:15, I went upstairs to play at Quarter Masters. At 2:00 p.m. I bumped into my mom on my way to see Pearl Harbor, so she went with me to the movie theatre. It was so full, I caught up with my mom at the shore excursions desk.

    My mom and I reserved two floaty pads for Castaway Cay. We walked around the 4th deck once, and then went to Shutters. At about 3:15 we walked around the 10th deck. We met dad and my sister at our room. We then went to the Vacation Club members social hour. My mom won a key chain and luggage tags. They gave us all free hats. We went back to our room and changed for formal night.

    Since it was 6 p.m. we went down to the lobby atrium. We waited in line for our pictures to be taken. We then hurried to Hercules the Muse-ical. I don't want to spoil the show so I won't tell you about it. After the show we went to Animator's Palate for dinner.

    We were greated by Imogen who took us to our table. Our dinner partners were there. I ordered a steak, while my sister ordered chicken fingers. My parents had steaks and cheesecake for dessert. My sister and I got Mickey bars. We then left Animators Palate.

    We then went to Mickey Mania at Studio Sea. After the show my mom and I went to QuarterMasters, while my sister and dad went to bed. After Quarter Masters we got some pizza, and went to our room. We found the bunk bed ready,(It becomes a couch during the day), mints, and a towel animal. After looking at the Personal Navigator for the next day, I put a schedule together. I then went to sleep.

    Monday - Day 4 After I woke up I made a list of what I wanted to do. I got ready to go. I had slept better than the night before.

    We went down to the character breakfast at Parrot Cay. We had pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, and waffles. We had great pastries. We met Minnie and Chip. We then left there, I had really enjoyed it.

    I made sure I had my key holder, key, watch, and vacation club hat. I decided to walk around the atrium area. I then went to Quartermasters for 15 minutes. I was getting hungry so I got some pizza and drinks for my mom, sister, and me. We ate in our room.

    After lunch, I got my badge and we went to see the Island Magic Stage Show. After the show was over I went down to Animator's Palate for the Captain's Corner for the 10-12's and 8 - 9's from the lab. I checked in and waited in a chair. After that we made a animation cell. I made Sebastian.

    When I was done I took it up to my room. I put it where it was safe. I then went back to Animator's Palate. We then went up to Topsiders and did puzzles. I went downstairs to the lab. My family and I walked around and played in the lab. We then went to Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer. At the end a little girl a couple of seats down got a huge Mickey doll.

    My mom went to Pin Trading and then to Palos for dinner with my dad. I went to the lab. I played Risk with some kids. We then went up to the desk behind Topsiders. I saw St. Thomas on the port side. They told some stories. We then started back towards the lab.

    We voted for which counselor we thought was the mole trying to spoil the fun. I then walked around and played on the computers. We played on different games. The other 2 I had been playing with had gone to see Castaway. My dad came to get me, but I stayed there longer.

    I went upstairs to our room. They were asleep. I found the Personal Navigator and got ready for bed. I made a schedule for what I would do the next day. I had the mint on my pillow for a snack. I then went to bed.

    More to come in Part 2....

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