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Earning My Ears
Jan 19, 2002
I have never used any agency outside my local TA so I'm not sure how this online stuff works.

If I ask for a quote via email request form on DU site, am I obligated in any way?

Will they call me at home night and day if I am just pricing at this point?

Should I request a specific representative by name?

If I chose to book through their agency, how do I pay them and how fast do you get the documents (I've heard nightmare stories of online agencies fedexing a day before cruise).

Thanks for any input.
I have used DreamsUnlimited 3 times (1 cruise, 2 vacations) and have been very satisfied. In fact, I sent them a resort only request yesterday morning, got an e-mail with a quote by lunch time. I sent in my American Express number for a deposit and had a confirmation number by Dinner - that's fast!

You are under no obligation if you request a quote.

They have never phoned me at home and answer their e-mails very quickly.

For cruises they check for price drops and notify you - no action required on your part.

I have used Donna and Tricia and both were excellent.

We also used Dreams for our cruise and were very satisfied. They never called our house or send 'junk' e-mail. They always responded within a couple of hours to any question or request we had. From these boards we found out the price of our cruise dropped twice since our original booking and both times there was an e-mail at our home computer from Dreams notifing us of the price drop.

We would definitly use them again.
Just to answer you other question, Lilly, Dreams has DCL FedEx your documents directly to you. Most people receive documents 3-6 weeks prior to the cruise. :)
Thank you everyone.

I am going to request a quote as soon as I get my Disney Club member number...just registered today.
When you get a quote from Dreams, you are under no obligation, and no one will harass you...no phone calls, spam email etc. They are highly professional, and we book all our WDW and DCL travel with them...at present, we have our next 8 Disney cruises booked through them for 2002, and we are waiting for another special deal so we can start booking our 2003 trips.
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