Disney Personal Shopper?


Jan 13, 2008
Anyone have any experience with any of the personal shopping services? I need one more Tommy Bahama shirt for a Christmas gift, and haven't been able to find it on eBay or ShopDisney.


DIS Veteran
Jan 26, 2010
I've used MainStreet Merchandise on Facebook. They're fairly priced and friendly but know they can get a little scatter brained. Super nice and great service but sometimes disorganized. So if you want that for Christmas I would get over there and talk to Amber and Greg now.


Always Dreamin Of Disney
DVC Gold
Jan 19, 2008
I follow a Facebook group called, Pixie purchases with April. She seems very popular, I haven't had to order anything yet but she would be a good back up if I had too!


DIS Veteran
Oct 3, 2014
Another option if you know what store or resort has it call directly and explain your situation and see if they'd sell it to you over the phone and add on shipping. That is likely going to be the cheapest option as the shopper services I've seen charge 20% above retail, plus shipping and paypal fees.


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