Disney partners with Amazon.com's newest venture

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    Jan 18, 2000
    Amazon.com will launch its first non-retail business, a movie service offering local show times, reviews and paid advertising from big movie studios like Disney. The new service, called "In Theaters," will be listed as a tab, along with "books," "music" and "video," on the Amazon start page. In the first of what it hopes will be multiple partnerships, Amazon has entered a deal with Buena Vista Pictures distribution arm to carry ads on its Web site for "Pearl Harbor," which opens next week.

    An ad for the film is already posted prominently on the Amazon start page, complete with a link to the movie's trailer.

    Because Amazon has collected so much personal consumer data through its book, video and other retail businesses, it says it will be able to promote the movie in more specialized ways to certain customer segments, such those who previously purchased books about World War II.

    Amazon did not disclose terms of the deal with Buena Vista Pictures, which will pay it an undisclosed amount to promote its films.
    Source: AOL News

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