Disney’s MARVELous Super Hero - New You - New Year Celebration – January 2017!!


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Nov 30, 2013
I completed a little over 20.5 laps but calling it 20.5 during my 13 minute walk today around my house because well there is snow on the ground again here. 12 year old decided that her headache was too bad to go to martial arts today and her Junior Bible Quiz coach canceled practice due to the roads. Yes! I don't have to take the girls out on the road at 12:30-1 am to go pick up DH from work. We plan to eventually replace the tires on the car but even with that I don't think it is going to handle that well on snow packed and icy roads mainly due to it's actually a boat on wheels ( 75 Olds Delta 88) and those tend to fishtail a lot on icy roads.
Now to figure out what I want my next infusion water to be because I am thinking when the full pitcher is out again (I just filled it this afternoon after I refilled my 32 oz Klean Kanteen with ice and a blueberry infused water) that I am going to change it. If I don't change it then I need to do so in the next couple of days though so far it is not starting to have that fermenting scent ( that is when I change it no matter what). So far I have tried in either my bottle or pitcher: Mandarin and Mint, Orange, Orange and Apple, Orange and Strawberry, Blueberry. I have on hand currently Blueberries, raspberries, peaches, mangos ( all frozen), apples, oranges, strawberries, pineapple ( fresh) and some cucumbers along with some fresh ginger.


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Oct 21, 2003
For those interested in continuing on... I'll be hosting February!


We are going Wreck it Ralph theme -- figured sugar/sweets would be a perfect tie-in to Valentine's Day :D
Looking forward to it. I'll pop over in a few minutes to save my seat!


HUGE thanks to @4Mickeys for hosting January and getting our year off on a "SUPER" start!!! It was a fabulous month and it is SO appreciated!! I know the time that goes into hosting a great month!

Okay friends.... I know I haven't been around as much as I would like this month.... aiming to be a bit more of a participant in February. I worked online this morning, but we have a weather-related 2 hour delay for school this morning, so I have a bit of time to relax with my coffee. Hence, my time to chat a bit here!

Anyhow.... see you in FEBRUARY!..........P


Sea days are just so relaxing!
Sep 8, 2006
I think I should report my final number here: I manged 16%. Not a lot. Hopefully next month is better. The funny thing is, my goal was sleep. More than 8 hours a night. While I failed at this, I still managed to lose 2kg this month. And did not have a weight goal. I know that the loss is mainly due to getting rid of holiday and vacation gain and that is always easy. But it is ironic that in a month where I struggled, I managed to lose more than in my "perfect" months.


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