Discover the Wild (and Healthy) Side!! – WISH May Lifestyle/Weight Challenge


Counting days until my next Dole Whip
Feb 24, 2017
As long as nothing tragic happens and I don't eat like four cheeseburgers tonight then I will meet my goal for May, which was to stay inside my WW point goal each day! I'm super proud of this. As for actual weight, today was my 2nd official weigh-in and I lost 2 pounds! So subtracting that from the 3 lbs I gained during the first week (still not sure how that happened- I ate and exercised like a rock star) I'm still one above where I started but at least it's not going up any more!


DIS Veteran
Jan 22, 2013
Ending the month with 65%. Now that summer is here it's getting harder and harder for me to keep up with the board so I'll probably skip a couple of months. Congratulations to everyone that met their goal for May!

Lady Marie

DIS Veteran
Sep 29, 2014
I am woohoo-ing a pretty good month. I exceeded my goal by going to 3 extra classes putting me at 125%. I was also hoping that the scale would reward me with about a 5lb drop. I got close at 4. I'll take it! Currently 6 lbs away from my main goal. Two more months and I should easily be there if I keep my momentum.
  • piglet1979

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 18, 2015
    I forgot it was Wednesday. THis week is flying. I am woohooing that I am kids free this week. However I do miss them and haven't heard from then since we dropped them off on Monday. They are at my inlaws so I am sure they are having fun.

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