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Aug 14, 2000
I went to the Alamo web site trying to find a good deal on a car for our June trip (10 days, Tampa Airport). Went through the "check rates" page; without entering ANY discount codes, I was given a base rate of $247.96 on 4-door intermediate. I started over, and entered my entertainment book 15% discount code. Imagine my surprise when I was quoted a HIGHER base rate: 281.96 !!

I did this *twice* -- just to make sure I was entering the right dates, codes, etc. I then went their "special offers" page, and noticed a discount of 20% for mastercard users. Same thing: Got the lower price using *no* codes!!

What's up with this? I'm extremely bewildered and frustrated -- has anyone else had this problem?
I noticed the same thing, I did the entertainment book and coupons from BJ's.

The best rate got was by using code YQ..its listed on their site. I booked a mini van through them for next month
you just have to gather your codes & coupons together & try them all! In every possible combination...

And watch for lower rates for bigger cars!

I have seen this happen several times while researching rental car rates. Always be sure to check the regular rates with no codes first! It MAY be cheapest! :)

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