Did EVERYTHING plus played catch on thrill rides. TR May 23-June 2

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    Dec 9, 2010
    May 27: Discovery Cove! Originally, this was going to be our first full day, but I was worried about the weather, so I changed it to Saturday. Plus, I thought since this was Memorial Day Weekend, it might be a good day to do this park, where they limit the number to enter, instead of Universal or Disney. We had heard it was best to get there early to miss the lineup crowd (still had a few in front of us at 7:15ish I believe it was -- maybe 7:30). We got a GREAT parking space though. Check-in was quick and painless. Off to breakfast! They had quite a bit to choose from. BUT, I made a big mistake. I love eggs... but, I can't really eat yolks anymore. I get sick if I eat too much. I had been having some tummy issues earlier in the trip, as I so from time to time. But, the eggs looked so good... maybe just a couple bites?

    We then set off to look around, get our wetsuits (which were required for the Seaventure) and goggles, and find a place to put our stuff. It took me a long time to squeeze into the wetsuit. It was hot. I wasn't thrilled about it. I would be less thrilled in just a bit. We put on the sunscreen provided by the park, as other sunscreen can harm the wildlife. I hated this stuff. Didn't rub in well and felt funny... and we got burned even though we reapplied a few times. BUT, I totally understand why it's necessary.

    We found a fairly shady spot near the lazy river and were off. We loved the cave and the waterfall. BUT, halfway through, the eggs took their revenge. I had to find the restroom PRONTO. I told Davy and took off. Got to the restroom... and could NOT get the $%^&ing wetsuit off. If anyone happened to be there that day, I apologize if you heard words you didn't know coming out of the bathroom. Then, it was time to put the $%^&ing thing back ON when wet. At that point I was almost just done. But, I knew I had to wear it to do the Seaventure and I knew how much it would mean to Davy.

    Got back, found Davy, and then it was time for our Seaventure.... I had studied the map and knew where to go... I thought... but I stopped and asked one of the attendants... and he told me the wrong place. So, off we went again. We were late. :| Not TOO late, just a little. Anyway, they went over the safety rules, which made me nervous. It sounded a little more scary than I anticipated. BUT, if you didn't read my trip report, here's a story why I really wanted to this. I was reading about Seaventure one day, and later that night, Davy asked me one of his famous "would you rather" questions. He asked, "Would you rather have the superpower of flying or walking on the ocean floor?" I said, "fly." He said, "oh, not me, I want to see what's down in the ocean!" Right then and there I knew I'd be booking Seaventure. So, I was determined to overcome any fears and get my butt down there to walk among the fishes (and hope I wouldn't be swimming with the fishes because of it! LOL). So, we go to the dock by the scuba helmets. We were told they were 75 pounds but would feel lighter when in the water. They also had a balloon on the kids so they wouldn't be so heavy. They gave us an underwater camera we could use.

    They asked who wanted to go first. Both Davy and another boy shot their hands up. The other boy was with his mom and she looked less than thrilled when they picked her son to go first. Davy then announced, "well, then, can I go 2nd?" They said we could go after the other boy and mom. So, the first boy went down, no problem. They had told us, if we have ear-popping problems, go back up a rung on the ladder, yawn, or do other ear-fixing things, then continue down. The other mom starts to go down, and then, boom, she was back up. She appeared to be having a panic attack. The instructor talked to her (I started wondering if they would have to bring the boy back up and how on earth I was going to do this). Finally, she tried again and got down.

    Davy's turn. I was worried because he has problems with his ears popping even in the deep end of a pool. But, he scampered right down the ladder. My turn. Gulp. I kept thinking, "must get down there for Davy." And, I did! I kept doing some yoga breathing to keep calm and eventually got somewhat comfortable. They had told us they'd communicate with us by writing us notes.

    Discovery Cove alice & davy balloon.jpg Discovery Cove alice & davy coral.jpg

    Discovery Cove davy freckly.jpg

    We first watched the sharks through the glass. Most of them appeared to be sleeping, which was pretty cool to watch. Then, we saw some colorful coral. Next, a fish-feeding frenzy! We were told to keep our hands in a fist.

    Discovery Cove blue fish.jpg
    Discovery Cove coral.jpg

    Discovery Cove instructor and sharks.jpg


    Discovery Cove instructor and fish.jpg

    Discovery Cove sharks & fish.jpg

    Discovery Cove sleeping sharks 2.jpg Discovery Cove sleeping sharks.jpg

    Continued next post....
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    Dec 9, 2010
    May 27 continued...

    You can see one fish took a particular liking to me. He kept swimming by and then headed straight for me. Not sure if he was going to try to kiss me or bite me. He skimmed my helmet.

    Discovery Cove ugly fish 2.jpg
    Discovery Cove ugly fish 3.jpg
    Discovery Cove ugly fish 5.jpg
    Discovery Cove ugly fish 4.jpg

    Davy said the feeding frenzy made him a little nervous, but still thought it was cool.

    Then, we got to hold some creatures... Davy somehow communicated to me to touch the top of the first one. It was slimy feeling. GROSS! Haha. I could see Davy giggling at me.

    Discovery Cove alice slimy.jpg
    Discovery Cove davy slimy.jpg

    We also got to hold a starfish and a stick fish or something -- I was afraid that one was going to pinch us!

    Discovery Cove alice & davy starfish.jpg
    Discovery Cove alice starfish.jpg

    Discovery Cove davy starfish.jpg

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    Dec 9, 2010
    Then, time to get out. I have to say, I was somewhat relieved even though I thought it was a ton of fun. We got out and Davy was just giddy. Said it was one of the best things he'd ever done in his life. <3
    Discovery Cove davy waving.jpg

    We then were led to see our pics. I loved them and had budgeted to get pics of this and the dolphin swim. As SOON AS that was done, I'm like, GETTING OUT OF THIS WETSUIT AND INTO A LIFE VEST! Then, we played some more in the lazy river. Davy liked seeing some of the birds near the water, but was a little afraid of the birds coming near him (yet not afraid of wearing a giant bubble to keep the ocean from crushing and drowning you... go figure), so we never went to the aviary. We also looked at the reef a bit, but since we had been way down in it, he was like, eh... He ALWAYS loves Lazy Rivers though and this one is great.

    We had lunch at some point. It was ok. Not bad for park food, but can't remember a dang thing about what we ate. LOL. And, all the food, snacks, and drinks are free. Davy enjoyed that too.

    Next, time to go swim with a dolphin! We first got a little video of instruction. then, there was a group of... I think 9 of us maybe... Davy was enamored with Cindy the dolphin from the get-go. He loved petting her. Then, they asked if I wanted to go first kissing the dolphin. SURE!

    Discovery Cove alice & cindy dolphin kissing.jpg

    Then they decided to go ahead and do our swim with the dolphin as the other groups were out of our way. Again, I got to go first. :)

    Discovery Cove alice & cindy dolphin swimming.jpg

    Next was Davy's turn. He said it was so amazing but too short.

    Discovery Cove davy & cindy dolphin swimming.jpg Discovery Cove davy & cindy dolphin swimming 2.jpg

    They then offered to let Davy kiss Cindy. He said no. I asked if he didn't want his first kiss with a girl to be with a dolphin. He didn't think that was as funny as I did... :) Then, I heard this lady (who had seemed a little odd from the start) begin making weird comments about Davy kissing girls. We moved a bit away from her. Another young girl wasn't sure if she wanted to do a shallow swim or go deeper. Once she saw you didn't have to tread too long, she was ok going deep. I mentioned that the wetsuits and life vests were pretty buoyant, so she shouldn't have too hard of a time. When I said that, the weird lady made pretty inappropriate comments comparing our chest sizes and how good a flotation device they provide. Now, if she was a buddy of mine... ok... but, it was like, WHAT!?? At some point, she left the water, came back at the end and apologized that she was "having an episode" and had to get out. So, maybe she had medical issues....

    Then, we got to take pictures posing with Cindy. I love how happy Davy looks! <3

    Discovery Cove alice & cindy dolphin.jpg Discovery Cove davy & cindy dolphin 2.jpg Discovery Cove davy & cindy dolphin 3.jpg
    Discovery Cove davy & alice & cindy dolphin.jpg
    Discovery Cove davy & alice & cindy dolphin 2.jpg

    Then, our time with Cindy was done. So, we headed back to the lazy river! Then, Davy decided he'd had enough sun for the day.

    That night, we went to The Wave at the Contemporary for dinner. I LOVED it. I remember I ate three appetizers for my dinner. I can't remember what Davy had but he did not like it and he was a bit tired and grumpy. The waitress was awesome and took his meal off of our bill.

    The next day... VIPs again! Davy turns into a ghost! We finally get to meet @kittylady72 and her family!
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    Jan 14, 2015
    Discovery Cove sounds like an amazing part of your trip, especially since your kiddo was all into walking the ocean floor!

    Don't you just love those people who feel secure enough to make all kinds of weird comments! HAHA Ah well, at least they give you a memorable story, right? :D

    Sounds like you had a lovely server at the Contemporary; a great server can really turn a ho-hum meal into a nice night! Can't wait to read more!
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    Dec 9, 2010
    Thanks! It was probably our favorite day (other than the wetsuit incident -- LOL). That server also did a good job in cheering Davy up. Not that he was sad, just tired which made him a grump. But, we were doing A LOT. I tried to put in enough downtime, but I think we could've used a tad more!
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  7. angryduck71

    angryduck71 DIS Veteran

    Dec 9, 2010
    May 28: We woke up eager to do the Disney Ultimate Day of Thrills Tour! We were supposed to be at the Tomorrowland Terrace at Magic Kingdom at 8 a.m. We got up plenty early, took the "Shady Shuttle" down the driveway at Shades of Green, walked over to the Polynesian, and got on the monorail to MK. Got there, went to the line for the early enterers (for breakfast, tours, etc..)... and, they didn't have my name. I told them my confirmation number. Nothing. I started to worry I was there on the wrong day. They don't put the tour on your MDE. I started looking for an email confirming the tour. Search was bringing up nothing. Finally, they just let us in anyway.

    Davy doesn't really like to have his picture taken, even though he's the cutest dude on the planet, so he wouldn't do a Disney photographer photo in front of the castle. Settled for a selfie.

    VIP tour castle.jpg

    We then ventured to the Tomorrowland Terrace... and it was roped off. We asked a couple of castmates walking around but no one had a clue what we were talking about. I started getting really nervous. Davy and I both ran to the bathroom and then were going to do some serious questioning. While in the bathroom, I heard a couple of ladies talking about the tour who didn't know why we couldn't get in to the Terrace. When we got out, it had opened. HURRAH! We checked in, got our VIP badges, some water, and come cool towels we could use. They then said we should meet back about 8:30. So, we went to Starbucks and got a muffin. Came back.. and waited...and waited... and waited... I overheard one of the tour guides say that one of the others were running late. We talked some to the tour guides. They were great.

    Our VIP badges:

    VIP tour badge.jpg

    Finally, the last tour guide showed up (I heard her telling the others she was late because.... but then it went down to whispers). Anyway, we were then in the crowd waiting for rope drop to the individual lands. We were off to Splash Mountain -- one of Davy's favorites -- but then we were told it was down. So, we stopped at Pirates of the Caribbean first.

    So, one of the attractions for the VIP tour for me is you were supposed to hear cool trivia and stories. But, I realized quickly since we were a big group (20) and the tour guide in front (the late one) liked to tell these tidbits while we were walking, we weren't going to hear much. And, we didn't quite frankly. Universal won on this part.

    In addition, you get to jump in the fastpass lines for this tour, but at Universal, you go in front of EVERYONE. So, again, Universal wins on this.

    We rode Pirates, then they checked on Splash again. Nope. Not today. Davy was sad. The not-late tour guide (I really should write down names) told him we'd do Buzz Lightyear instead. We were then off to Big Thundermountain RR. I love this ride. Davy declared it lame. I think he was still down about Splash Mountain too.

    Up next, one of our favorites: Haunted Mansion. I knew this was our only planned ride on it, so I was very much looking forward to it. Once again, we loved it. I had been wanting a "ghost pic" of Davy from Memento Mory's, but didn't figure we'd get a chance. Well, we took a break right at that time and ran and got it done. I could buy this whole store, I swear!

    Anyway, Davy as Ghost 1,000:

    davy pre-ghost.jpg
    davy ghost.jpg

    Next, we were off to Seven Dwarfs. I had told Davy this one would be pretty tame, but I was excited. We actually both really liked it. Davy used to be a HUGE Seven Dwarfs fan. He also loves Once Upon a Time, so you know, Snow White is a bad-a$$. Then, it was time for Buzz. Davy used to love this one but I don't think he really remembered it. He said to the not-late tour guide, "that wasn't really a good substitute for Splash."

    Anyway, we were then off for EPCOT for lunch and the new Soarin. We got to go to the "backstage" parking lot for a van. Davy and I had done this before... back when I was married, my ex was "watching" Davy on Tom Sawyer's Island and next thing I know I heard a scream (I was sitting somewhere getting out of the heat on the island). Davy had fallen on his face and really looked awful. Was bleeding like crazy. They got us off the island, got him treatment, a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal, and drove us in one of the vans back to the hotel. So, I had seen this area before. Had a bit of a flashback and probably squeezed Davy's hand a little tighter than usual.

    At EPCOT, we drove back behind the lands and could see what the buildings looked like from the back. It was interesting. Had lunch at Sunshine Seasons. It was OK. I had never eaten there before. Had heard great things but I was just kind of "meh." Davy too. Anyway, new Soarin'. LOVED IT. Both of us.

    We left for Hollywood Studios and Davy realized he had left his VIP badge on Soarin'. They said, "no worries -- we know who you are!" It was interesting that people did try to sneak into our group here and there -- I wondered if someone tried to use Davy's VIP pass anywhere.

    We got in our van to head to Hollywood Studios. As we got out, the not-late tour guide took us aside and asked for our tickets. She didn't do this for anyone else. We all did have to later scan again I think but I can't remember why. Anyway, she then whispered to me that since Davy was so upset about Splash Mountain, they were giving us fastpasses for anytime the next day. Davy was thrilled. I told him we were going to go to HS tomorrow morning, but he said he'd rather go to MK and do Splash. So, during some of our downtime, I was changing plans to go to MK again. Which, honestly, I was thrilled about. I had been to HS the month before for the Star Wars Celebration anyway.

    Next up: Rock n Rollercoaster. Davy didn't remember this one. He LOVED it. I thought when I was on it during Star Wars Celebration it made me a little sick. No issues today though. Awesomeness!

    Then, Davy's favorite: the Tower of Terror. This was a ton of fun! But, after, it started getting really hot and Davy wasn't feeling so well because of it. The tour guide suggested the cool towel we had. Davy used it and started screaming. Something was reacting to his extremely sensitive skin. I told him to quickly run to the bathroom and wash off. Then, he seemed fine. I asked if he was ok to go on and he said yes. We went to Toy Story, which Davy enjoyed. Then, Star Tours. I heard there was a Han Solo scene. I have yet to see it and keep hoping, but nope.

    Davy being very serious about his mission:

    VIP tour star wars bike.jpg

    And, we were done. Overall, it was a fun tour and worth the points I spent on it. Not sure I'd do it again. Davy liked it better than the Universal tour surprisingly. He said mainly because we couldn't vote for which rides we were riding and weren't sure what they'd be at Universal. Here, he knew he was doing all the "thrill" rides and then some.

    We were going to next run over to EPCOT to meet #kittylady72 and her family. Davy was a bit tired by this point, so I was worried how this was going to go....

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