Did anyone see the Travel Channels show on Backstage at Universal?


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Sep 7, 1999
It was incredible!!

The amount of work, the amount of MONEY, WOW!! Just so we can yell and scream. It's amazing!

I particularly loved the info about the actor who set himself on fire for the Sinbad show. There's not enough money in Spielberg's pocket to get ME to do that every day, much less 20,000 TIMES :eek: !!

Did anyone else see it?


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I watched it, pretty cool! I got my 11 year old son out of bed to watch the JP stuff, Dino nut. Looks like a fun place to go this June, my husband is looking forward to US/IOA more than Disney!
What I did see was absolutely fantastic! The amount of work they do ALL NIGHT LONG!!! The uniforms have bar codes on them, wow!
I hope they run it again, if they do let me know, via the DIS!!! Jeannine

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My wife and I watched it last night. We have never been to Universal Studio before. We are going to Disney World March 28- April 6, with are 3 kids. After watching that last night we are going to stay a few extra days and check out Universal Studio.
My listings say they are going to repeat the Universal show on Friday.

It was incredible!! I am so excited about going to visit. I want to work there. I think that would be fun.

Wednesday is the Orlando show!!


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It was great!! After watching it w/ my dh this morning (I taped it overnight!) we decided to skip Animal Kingdom and do IOA!! We are so excited!! :D

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was the idea that they touch up the paint EVERY NIGHT! good grief I can't imagine the work they go through every day just to keep folks like us entertained!

Thank you to all the hard workers of USF/IOA! We appreciate you! :D
Just when I thought I knew a lot about Spiderman, I now know that they too got Spielberg to oversee all the filming of the 3D. Might as well go with the best!


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