DH & I played with our Numbers (points) last night

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by KristiKelly, Jul 17, 2004.

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    We just puchased 180 pts SSR this week & are very excited. We wanted to purchase more but decided on 180. We took the 180 developers points, they can be used anywhere but SSR between now & 9/30/05. We've decided to use those points for next summer, doing a few days @ HH & WDW in Sept. We are going to bank 05 into 06. That's where the number fun came in, we figured if each year we use our banked points 1st & then borrow just enough of the current year to equal 210, then bank the current year balance into the next, we could have 210 points up until 2011 or 220 points until 2009. I'm really glad we took the developers points, $85 per point was very tempting, but the dev. points are allowing us to bank our first year & continue to bank each year. We may use more, we may use less, but this way we can see just how many points we would like to have & add-on later. I just hope I understand what I'm doing & I don't have it all figured wrong - sometimes that blonde sinks in a little too deep in the brain.:p
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    Sounds like that will work well for your situation. Be sure to make your HH reservations as soon as you reach the 11 month priority- summer is a popular time for that resort.

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    Also keep in mind that banked points expire at the end of the use year into which they were banked. This limits your options if you have to cancel a vacation.

    For example, if you bank 2005 points into 2006, then you must use those banked points by the end of the 2006 use year. If you do not, they expire and you lose them.

    If you were using current year points, it is possible (depends on where you are in your use year) that they could be banked into the subsequent year - thus extending the time before they expire.

    Again, this is only a concern if you have to cancel your yearly DVC vacation and cannot reschedule before the end of the use year.

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