Deck 7 aft secret area?


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Sep 23, 1999
Can someone please tell me what this is? I have tried searching but I can't get it to work. Help!
Secret deck is aft on Deck 7. If you have a picture of the ship, it is the blank area, at the end of that Deck. I didn't know about it last trip, but I have read that there are chairs out there and that it is a great place for reading and relaxing, because so few people know about it. I intend to check it out in 8 days.
It is a wonderful place to relax. I loved laying in the sun and listening to the wake of the ship. It is a beautiful place to watch the wake also.:)

Am I missing something here? Isn't 7526 at the other end of the ship from this "secret deck"? I'm considering one of the Cat 6 rooms on deck 6, so that it will be a short walk up a flight of stairs to reach this deck...
We were in room 7126 on our last cruise. We spent a lot of time aft of deck 7. There were lounge chairs as well as regular chairs when we sailed last March. I think a lot of people don't realize it is there because of the door you have to open. This is definetly a great place to be when you want some privacy. Most times it was just me and hubby.

candleonwater, You are right 7526 is opposite from where Bbethparsons wants to be. Our room 7126 was only a few doors from this deck. Bbethparsons you have your forward and aft mixed up. Room 7526 is forward. The sundeck is Aft.
Dose it have a sign on the door or somthing that lets you know what door? to go out on the deck. ?

The door has a window that you can look out of and see the deck. It is just a wood door, don't worry you won't confuse it with any room doors. It is completly Aft, past the rooms.
Deck 7 Aft is the best-kept secret on the boat. A wonderful retreat. But be aware there are no nearby services, so if you want to enjoy a drink out there, you'll need to bring it with you.
Note also that it is locked at about 10-11pm each night.

Agreed - one of the best places on the
Sorry, I posted the wrong room number. We were in room 7526; however, I changed to 7610 so we could be closer to
back deck. My hubby and I went there several times in 9/2001. Sorry for the mixup. ;)
Wow sounds great! Is it quiet back there, or is there noisy equipment or the like? One cruise we were on had a sundeck in the back but lots of noisy air conditioning equipment.....

There was to be a space launch from Canaveral the evening we left port, so we spent a lot of time on "Secret Aft" -- but missed the launch. They gave us about a 3-4 hour window, and of course, it launched while we were at dinner. :rolleyes: I think maybe a group of 4 came out once to have their pictures taken and that was all the other people we saw. Made me believe I could do an inner cabin next cruise, and spend "deck" time either on 4 or on 7 Aft. We'd say, "What happens on 7 Aft stays on 7 Aft" :rotfl:
A group of us DISers had a wine tasting party there when we cruised Nov 8th. (We each brought a bottle or 2)
Originally posted by 26555

I really like this deck plan that was posted earlier in this thread. Does anyone know if there is a key giving the color coding match to figure out which rooms are which categories?

The light pink which are the majority of the rooms on deck 7 are the Cat 5's. The 8 purple rooms in the aft are Cat 7's (the navigator verandas). The teal rooms are the Cat 8's (portholes). All the others are inside staterooms but I'm not sure of their cat #'s.

Hope this helps.


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