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Cinderella's Fella

DIS Dad #215 Maryland, The Land Of Merry!
Aug 14, 2008

:welcome: Welcome to the DIS Dad's Club (DDC) thread! :welcome:

"Home of Man Laws and Cheese Balls"

This thread is for all of the DIS Dad's out there! Who is a DISDad? Any adult male who shares his love of Disney with a future generation of Disney fans is a DIS Dad (see Man Laws). The club was originally created by one dad (The Disney Fanatic) back in November 2007 who was curious to find out how many other dads on the DIS who are just as Fanatical about Disney World! Since that time we have gone through 26 forum threads with more than 115,000 posts. We thank The Disney Fanatic most of all for being so inquisitive in the first place!

What is the criteria for joining this club? :confused3 I am glad you asked. If you are a Dad and ANY of the following criteria describes you, you qualify to become a member of the DIS Dad's Club.

The DIS Dad's Club Criteria:

  1. Your passion for Disney equals that of a 7 year old kid.
  2. You have a wife that thinks you are a big kid.
  3. You watch the Free WDW DVDs every week. :happytv:
  4. You get more excited than your kids when a trip to WDW is planned (or the excitement at least equals that of your kids). :yay:
  5. When you say your prayers you ask for God to inspire the Imagineers to come up with fresh new ideas. :idea:
  6. When planning family reunions, class reunions, and job conventions you always plan them at Disney World.
  7. You nick-named your son and daughter Mickey and Minnie. ::MickeyMo::MinnieMo
  8. You planned your next Disney trip the day after returning from Disney World.
  9. You debate with your kids about who would win a light saber battle between Mickey Mouse and Darth Vader. :darth::smickey:
  10. Your eyes start to water with tears of joy when you see your kids having a great time at WDW (and you secretly try to dry your eyes).
  11. Your portfolio includes stock in Disney.
  12. You have friends and family that do not understand why you vacation in WDW every year (or at least talk about doing it).
  13. You have Disney songs on your MP3 player.
  14. You have Disney Ringtones for your cell phone.
  15. You have everything Disney for wallpapers and screensavers.
  16. You have Disney Fonts and Icons as well.
  17. You bought the Disney bedding for your room.
  18. You have Disney knicknacks all over your "man cave/dude room/office."
  19. You drink your coffee from one of your multiple Disney mugs.
  20. You have Disney Luggage.
  21. You have a Disney Computer Bag.
  22. You have an Animated Mickey Watch.
  23. You have a Goofy Hitch Receiver Cover on your truck.
  24. You have Goofy PJs and slippers, Mickey PJs and bathrobe and a lot of other Disney clothing.
  25. You have Disney Character ties to wear (Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc.).
  26. You have a Disney background on your laptop with a count down calender on it.
  27. All of your family photos seem to be taken at WDW.
  28. You have a dog named CinderBella-Arial (or belle for short) that your kids helped you name.
  29. You constantly watch disney movies.
  30. You have a disney CD in your car or truck right now.
  31. You have trivia contests in the car with your wife like "name all the attractions at Epcot going counter-clockwise."
  32. When you and your wife are reading the DISboards she asks you "what is ToT, RnRR, EE and BTMRR, and you know the answers.
  33. You can name the exact day and year each park opened but when asked by your wife when her birthday is you draw a blank (Just a joke ladies... :lmao: You wives know we DIS Dads love ya).
  34. You sold your Disney stock so you could buy into the DVC.
  35. You wear a matching Disney shirt with your kids to the parks.
  36. You have a lot of Mr. Incredible collectibles that will one day be valued right up there with your mouse certificates.
  37. You listen a WDW podcast or park music (ie, the old Illuminations pre show) while working out in the gym. :music:
  38. Your boss quits asking where you are going on vacation - he already knows.
  39. You DO call DVC your second home.
  40. You have a Disney vanity plate on your auto (ex. MGK KGDM)
  41. You name your pet with a Disney Name (ex. Your dogs name is KONA, your favorite restaurant).
  42. You put the sound from the Disney Cruise line "Magic" horns on your truck.
  43. You don't want to fix the musty smell in your damp basement because it reminds you of the Pirates of the Caribbean cave. pirate:
  44. You swore that when you had kids that they'd get to experience the world. Little did you know that once you experienced "THE WORLD" you would be hooked!
  45. Your kids get a kick out of a grown man (YOU) becoming a kid as soon as the Disney subject comes up.
  46. When you walk into the Disney Store the employees shout your name like Norm in Cheers! :lmao:
  47. You did your best to "brainwash" your kids early so they wouldn't have any problem ever wanting to go on a Disney Vacation. :chat:
  48. You only feel fulfilled when you know you have another trip on the horizon.
  49. You can't decide if you want to go on a Disney Cruise, to Walt Disney World, or to Disneyland for your next vacation (if you can afford it the Disney Resorts over seas are in the equation as well). :confused3
  50. Your office is like a shrine to Disney and it gets bigger and bigger every year.
  51. You use your kids as an excuse for all the people who ask why you're going back to WDW again. "It's for the kids!" Although the people who know you best know not to believe that.
  52. You have a special savings account that you started when your daughter was born so that she will have a Disney Wedding. :tinker::bride:
  53. Simply put...there is no place you would rather go on vacation than at WDW, Disneyland, on a Disney Cruise, or at any of the Disney resorts over seas.
  54. Your motorhome has Disney stuff on and in it.
  55. You can recite the entire script from the Haunted Mansion.
  56. Your mom gave you your first Mickey on the day you were born, and then you gave your son his first Mickey the day he was born.
  57. You're just waiting for Fantasia to get released so you can complete your collection of Disney Animated videos (The real classics, not the sequels).
  58. Your personal slogan is..."Life is short, spend your time with DISNEY."
  59. You teach and not a class passes by where you don't use a Disney Story as an example.
  60. You've been to Walt Disney World too many times to count. It almost feels like you grew up there.
  61. You know you are a DIS Dad's Club member when your mother in law says you have a "Disney problem."
  62. You're "The REAL Christopher Robin!" It is on your birth certificate. pooh:
  63. While watching a show that you recorded on the TiVO, you forwarded through the commercials but stopped and watched the WDW commercials. Even the ones that you have seen hundreds of times.
  64. Every weekend you have "Disney Movie Night" with your family.
  65. You own a Mickey waffle iron.
  66. You own the "Classic Disney" CD collection and listen to it every night at dinner with your family.
  67. Every Sunday night you and your family play the game "Disney Scene It".
  68. Your kids insist on going to Disney every vacation. When you ask if they're getting tired of it yet, they look at you like you've grown a second head.
  69. You have Mickey, Donald, and Goofy sleepwear.
  70. Your wife wakes you up in the middle of the night because you've been talking about Disney in your sleep again.
  71. Every month you rotate the metal license plates on your cars (Disney Cruise line, Animal Kingdom, MGM , Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Donald official fan club).
  72. You promise to fund a big DIS Dad's Club Meet and Greet at WDW when you hit the Power Ball.
  73. You love Disney SO much you have tatoos of Disney Characters.
  74. When it comes to Disney World you just can't get enough!!! No matter how many times you go!
  75. You know all the words to Wishes, Magic, Music and Mayhem, Happy HalloWishes, and Holiday Wishes.
  76. You listen to the Happy HalloWishes and Holiday Wishes music no matter what time of the year it is.
  77. It is easier to list all of the criteria here that do not apply to you than it is to list the ones that do.
  78. You have Disney character golf club covers.
  79. You have helped plan many Disney vacations for fellow employees in your department. Now you are getting phone calls from other departments asking, "Hey are you the guy I need to talk to about planning my Disney Vacation?"
  80. You keep your Mickey Mouse umbrella in the car/truck and proudly use it while walking in to your office during a rainstorm.
  81. Your passion for Disney is strong but you would rather get soaked before using your wife's/daughter's Tinker Bell umbrella.
  82. Your Christmas tree has all Disney ornaments on it.
  83. You have a DVC decal on your minivan.
  84. Most of your passwords consist of some sort of Disney theme.
  85. You own a Mickey Mouse toaster.
  86. You have your own personal tour guide to WDW because you married an ex-CM!!!
  87. YOU were a CM yourself!
  88. The cake topper on your wedding cake was Mickey & Minnie.
  89. The music playing as you were announced at the reception hall as husband and wife was BAROQUE HOEDOWN...better known as the theme from THE MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE.
  90. After changing out of your tuxedo at the end of your wedding's reception, you wore a Disney tie as you headed off to begin your honeymoon - which was ultimately at WDW (it was Goofy, BTW)
  91. You have a Mickey waffle iron and kitchen towels that you and your wife received as wedding gifts.
  92. You have a Mickey telephone (one of those old stand up kind from the 80's, like the large one reproduced at POP).
  93. You proposed to your wife in the front seat of the Rockin' Roller Coaster just before take off and she was crazy enough to say yes.
  94. You had a Mickey wedding cake knife at your wedding.
  95. Your ring bearer carried your rings on a little Mickey & Minnie wedding pillow.
  96. Amendment: #81 does not apply to you. You WOULD use your wife's/daughter's Tinkerbell umbrella!
  97. You have a standing deal with your wife that you can visit Disney every year as long as you take the kids.
  98. You hooked up the laptop to your TV so that you could watch Youtube videos of WDW.
  99. You've gone to disney for so many vacations that your kids think the word "vacation" is just a short way to say, "Trip to Disneyworld."
  100. You have more disney podcasts than music on your iPod.
  101. You only know one phrase in spanish - "please stand clear of the doors..."
  102. You can identify Disney restaurants by their signature food (Tonga Toast, etc.)
  103. You have at least one "souvenir" (child) from your trip.
  104. You have antenna toppers on all your vehicles, even at work(looks really cool on construction, aircraft support vehicles and aircraft).
  105. You know the roads at and around WDW better then your own neighborhood.
  106. Your wife can't tell the Disney princesses apart, but you can. princess:
  107. You have so many Disney shirts you have to decide which ones to take and which ones to leave home when you leave for vacation.
  108. You put Mickey and Minnie Jibbitz onto your daughter's Crocs.
  109. You named your dog Epcot
  110. You have a Mickey lamp on your desk.
  111. You have actually had Disney cookies shipped to you.
  112. You have created the following for Disney trips: Mousekeeping envelopes, Window decorations, Autograph book, Epcot Passport, T-shirts for the family, etc..
  113. You are a Disney Dad that has been to Disney almost every year of your adult life.
  114. Your wife tells your kids that they are the luckiest kids in the world to have a dad that loves disney.
  115. When you bought a new mini-van...instead of kicking the tires and looking under the hood...you checked out all the stow-n-go features and was planning on where to put our luggage for your next trip to WDW.
  116. You listen to the soundtrack for Wishes and Spectromagic on your MP3 player at work.
  117. Sometimes you feel like you are more excited about being able to take your Family to WDW... than they are about going...and they get pretty excited.
  118. You have endured or are willing to endure the hazing process to become a DIS Dad's Club Member which involves...... Walking until your legs and feet ache, crowded queues with hundreds of strangers, standing in the hot Florida sun until your skin burns, and finally emptying your wallet of any savings.
  119. You play the "please stand clear of the doors" monorail spiel as you pressed the auto-close button for the kid's sliding door in the minivan.
  120. You struggle to keep the minivan from pulling towards the south while on the outerbelt
  121. You know you're a DIS Dad when you stream Radio Disney on your Blackberry and pipe it through the minivan speakers while taking your kid(s) to school.
  122. You own a silicone Mickey that forms pancakes like a Mickey head.
  123. Your trip itinerary includes hunting down Tiana to exchange a Who Dat!, or a "Hows ya mom n 'em?".
  124. You buy championship gear for your whole family after your team wins a Super Bowl/World Series/NBA Finals/Stanley Cup/BCS/CWS/Final Four with the intention of "going to Disney World" to rep your team.
  125. You find and download on iTunes backround music from your favorite resort.
  126. You walk into any air conditioned space on a Hot Summer day and quietly murmur "ahhhhh, gift shop" under your breath!
  127. You DVR every special on any channel which has to do with WDW, DCL or Disneyland and then put it on when you or your DW have had a rough day.
  128. You own a Mickey Mouse Panini/Sandwich Maker (which makes great grilled cheese sandwiches, by the way).
  129. You look at a kitten right before a trip to WDW and name him Tigger:tigger: He truly is a one of a kind cat. And has truly lived UP to his name!!
  130. More than 50% of your t-shirts are Disney related.
  131. Made spouse get a job at disney store, so you could get a discount on future trips and pre vacation mechandise
  132. You've held an AP at WDW or DL for multiple years
  133. You have the ultimate AP - a PREMIER PASS, good at both WDW and DL
  134. You've been to WDW more than 15 times in your life
  135. You've been to WDW more than 30 times in your life
  136. You've been to WDW more than 50 times in your life
  137. You have Mickey shaped egg forms, ice cube trays, or any other Mickey cookware in your kitchen
  138. You buy into DVC before ever stepping foot in WDW!

Our club's mascot is Goofy :goofy: (lets face it we all are a bit and he was the ultimate Disney Dad!).

Our creed:
We're Men!
We fight all night!
We drink root beer!
Man power!

(Followed by a Tim Allen/Home Improvement man grunt session)
If you meet any of the above qualifications, just reply to this thread and you are a member! We'd like to know more about you when you join... as much as you are comfortable with sharing... first name, next Disney trip (if one is planned), etc. Come on in!

Here's a welcome message from one of our own members (DisneyFed):
"Welcome to the new Dads! This is our house (though it gets invaded every now and then by a low level insurgency). Pull up a chair and prop your feet up on the table (you know you can't get away with that at home)...Beer's in the Fridge, Coke and Pepsi Products too...Water? Dude, there's a tap. DIS Dad's Club - home of the DISboards minority male population...

Don't believe me?? Tell me how a "men only" college or pro football thread gets overrun by the female populace??? There will be no discussion about bra sizes for girls or leg shaving. This is our HOUSE. WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!! This is man world. We discuss man topics. MAN LAW!!! All we need now is Triple H to guard the door. At least try to keep it somewhat clean....rinse out your mug, and let everyone know when you're done with the latest BassMaster or Guns and Ammo so it can be put in the community pile.

New guys, welcome to all things "Male" Disney.....and all things "Dad" related. Please keep all hands, arms and legs inside the vehicles....secure your seatbelt, place your seat in an upright position and stow your tray table... It's a heckuva' ride.... "
Come join us on Facebook HERE

Here the Official DISDad's Song!

What’s the name of the club
That's made for you and me
Hey! there, Hi! there, Ho! there
You're as welcome as can be

DISDad’s Club!

DISDad’s Club!

Forever let us hold our Dole Whips!
High! High! High! High!

Come along and sing a song
And join the Bacon Bash!!

DISDad’s Club!
We'll have fun
We'll meet new faces
High! High! High! High!

We'll do things and
We'll go Drinking
All around the world
We Are Disney!

What’s the name of the club
That's made for you and me
Hey! there, Hi! there, Ho! there
You're as welcome as can be

DISDad’s Club!

DISDad’s Club!

Forever let us hold our Dole Whips!
High! High! High! High!

Come along and sing a song
And join the Bacon Bash!!

Official Souvenir (Bacon Mickey vinylmation)

"Give me your spare tires, your pork
your puddled gasses yearning to break free
the detailed spreadsheets of a disney dork
Send these, the disdads leftovers to me
I am the chime before the monorail door" - Ryan (IamTrike)​

If you have a new criteria which you feel should be added to the list above, send a Private Message (PM) to Cinderellas Fella

DDC Plaque courtesy of Kitchensinkguy and his wife Deb. Thanks!!! The two of you are AWESOME!!!!!!​


Cinderella's Fella

DIS Dad #215 Maryland, The Land Of Merry!
Aug 14, 2008

This is man world. We discuss man topics. MAN LAW!!! Below is our list of MAN LAWS as decreed by members:

  • Pictures, Or It Didn't Happen!
  • There will be no discussion about bra sizes unless we include pictures like the one of Jasmine taken by FreezinRafiki (Reference)
  • Rope drop is absolutely worth while getting up to go and see. All Dis Dads should go to at least once. (Reference)
  • Putting my DS6 to bed tonight and the DW tells him to stop scratching his butt. On my way out of his room, I reply, "Yeah, your finger will stink." The DW comes downstairs five minutes later and tells me that the boy said I was right. He's washing his hands now. (Reference)
  • You can't go on your next Disney Vacation until you finish the TR from your last one. Or at least it's an Emma's Dad Law. (Reference)
  • No DIS Dad will sit in seat while a woman, child, disabled or elderly person stands on bus... unless there is to many people between you to offer the seat (example: I'm in back and person is in front of bus and 15 people standing in between) or you are holding children. (Reference)
  • When you are traveling with your family to any Disney park, for any reason - be PRESENT with them, be ENGAGED with them, and for heaven's sake, be RESPONSIVE to them. GET OFF your stupid electronic devices! (Reference)
  • There will be a "man card" thread every couple of months to serve as a membership drive! (Original Man Card Revoked thread HERE) (Man Law Reference HERE)
  • The Food Network can not run Giada De Laurentiis and then follow it up with the Barefoot Contessa! (Reference)
  • The word crud is an accepted one word post for anyone around here that is just so slammed by life that the cant even take a break long enough to even check in. (Reference)
  • No one, on this board, need ever apologize for sharing bad or difficult news (Reference)
  • No one in any family of a Dis Dad is allowed to get the sniffles, laryngitis (me on my last trip), aches, pains, general feeling of anything abnormal within 10 days of, or during any scheduled vacation. You can be sick on your own time, Disney time is to be accident and illness free!(Reference)
  • PEANUT BUTTER is the official DDC curse word. (Explanation, Nomination) ADDENDUM: Also may be used in the same context: BEVERLY (Reference)
  • "Jasmine's Kiss" (Or any other princess) is our universal positive exclamation. Example: "Jasmine's Kiss, we had a wonderful day in the Magic Kingdom!" (Reference)
  • Family comes first before anything. That's just what we do! (Reference)
  • No DISDad will wear a speedo...ever.......especially to a DisDads meet. * The only exception is if Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps (since they have already worn one) decide to join the group.(Reference)
  • It is illegal to use a frowny face in your title line when you're posting from WDW.(Reference)
  • Neither rain, nor sleet, nor fire will keep us from enjoying time with our families...and Star Tours 2.(Reference)
  • No Dis Dad shall post any picture / post where if the subject of said post was one of their own children they would not share this with the general population.(Reference)
  • Any adult male who shares his love of Disney with a future generation of Disney fans is a DIS Dad.(Reference)
  • If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.(Reference)
  • No Dad shall discuss meeting hot princesses without posting a picture! (Reference)
  • All DISDads must own a Disney Tie! (Reference)
  • All Disdads will stop in and check on other dads children if they are employed at either WDW or DL while on vacation. Pics posted will bring comfort to the dads who are missing their kids. (Reference)
  • If you have to deal with cold, you might as well have some snow to play in. (Reference)
  • Post-padding is only acceptable after the current DDC thread has reached page 250. At any other time, post-padding will be frowned upon. And nobody likes to be frowned upon. (Reference)
  • If ever asked to perform National Anthem, sing it the right way. (Reference)
  • Let it be known that when life has delivered to you the ultimate in defeat on that given day you shall proclaim that you have had .....TOFU.....(Reference)

Cinderella's Fella

DIS Dad #215 Maryland, The Land Of Merry!
Aug 14, 2008
We DisDads have grown beyond just here on the DIS. You can also find us in the following places.​

DISDads.com. A website by DISDads for DISDads, with articles, trip reports, pictures and contests for all of us by us. :surfweb:

DISDads Facebook Group. If you have a Facebook account or would to join up, come join in the fun!

DISDads Podcast. Yup, the DISDads do podcast. Listen to what is happening with the DISDads and Disney and whatever else we come up with. Have you been on a podcast yet?

The Pub! Now with Chat!
Our goal around here is to maintain an atmosphere that would be appropriate for a bunch of guys hanging out together in a local pub/bar. So while we don't expect the language and behavior to all be appropriate for Main Street U.S.A. or a room full of preschoolers, we also expect posters to act as they might out in a public establishment. -Aaron (AJRitz)

DISDads on Twitter! This is a list Aaron made of the DISDads on Twitter.

There is a DISDad group on Zello, a free push-to-talk application for smartphones and PCs.

You can find a DISDad group on Waze. Waze is the world's fastest-growing community-based traffic and navigation app.

And Then There Is The:

DISDads Convention 2!
Click Here for DDCC 2, or What's next?

Current Poll on where you will stay for the DDCC 2.

You can find Pictures and Videos from DISDad's Travels and the Last Convention at:

DISDads Travelogue

- Chris (DisDadDoc)​

Cinderella's Fella

DIS Dad #215 Maryland, The Land Of Merry!
Aug 14, 2008

Below are links to various places that are of interest to our club (in no particular order). If I've missed something or you have additional links you'd like included in this list, send a PM to Cinderellas Fella.

DIS Dad's meets (pics or it didn't happen):

Previous DDC Threads:

Important Stuff:

Various other stuff:

Beverly Challenge!

Emma's Dad is the current DISDads leader of the most Beverly Drank!
Click here for the post of the video!


Cinderella's Fella

DIS Dad #215 Maryland, The Land Of Merry!
Aug 14, 2008

Here is our listing of DDC members who have vacations scheduled (Send a PM to Cinderellas Fella to add a vacation to the list :thumbsup2):



GoHerd1028 => 13-21 off site Hilton Parc Soleil
Emmas Dad => 23-May 1 - Wyndham Bonnet Creek
BDJazz => 27-May 5 - ??
Dis_Dreamin => 25-28 POFQ Anniversary trip with DW without the kidos.


Swissdog2010 => 7-14 OKW
dvczerfs => 18 - 21 ASR
middlepat => 19-25 Windsor Hills
CJ9200 => 22-25 SSR
SouthernTaz => 24- June 9 Windsor Hills


10dedfish => 8-16 POR
Wherem I Now => 9-13 Dream;13-18 OKW
scott2997 => 15-22 Offsite
dvczerfs => 15 - 23 Saratoga Springs


declansdad => 16 - 23 POP
BigTex71 => 30 - Aug 6 Port Orleans Riverside


Disney Commando => 4 - 14 ASMo
Maroonag1 => 17 - 24 Offsite, Kingstown Reef
mm1971 => 21 - 28


dvczerfs => 14- 22 OKW
AJRitz => 21-22 - Universal 22-28 - Port Orleans French Quarter
Twin Dad => 30-Oct 9 - AoA


AirGoofy => 5-11 OKW 1 BR
moose615 => DL 7-12 VGC
brettcw23 => 12-19 Boardwalk Villas


Cinderella's Fella => Oct 31 - 9 POP


dvczerfs => 19 - 27 OKW






Cinderella's Fella

DIS Dad #215 Maryland, The Land Of Merry!
Aug 14, 2008

Our birthday list! (Send a PM to Cinderellas Fella to add a birthday to the list!) :thumbsup2

1 => alanapapa
3 => Turkey Lurkey
8 => Naively Occur
9 => simzac
13 => Barnhill9586
13 => goofy4prez
17 => snocrossmechanic
22 => Wolfpacklegion
25 => thheaton

8 => brettcw23
9 => aggordon2
26 => jason4024

2 => zuperdaave
3 => Rental01
4 => Goofy + 3
5 => DisneyDon1
12 => chillcoupons
13 => prattpak
14 => matt314hew
16 => Emma's Dad
20 => kandaf
29 => The Disney Fanatic
30 => Disney Commando
30 => AJRitz

April :
2 => ChrisBrad79
2 => GrumpyCAdad
5 => BigTikiDaddy
6 => DH-2-mamaduck
10 => Disneyferris
13=> BigTex71
14 => lawsonsontour
14 => Thumper_Man
15 => bjtriche
17 => BigDaddyWill
23 => pthuhges2
28 => mblc14
28 => prlnoirpir8
29 => Downey Family

1 => KTME
4 => GorshGoofy
6 => baseballmickey
8 => hardrock01
9 => NandK
12 => GoofyIsAsGoofyDoes
18 => DDuck4Life
20 => jjbescher
20 => jmwest
26 => middlepat
28 => Bradsdadg
31 => billybobblockhead

1 => jimmiej
2 => Twin Dad
3 => BDJazz
4 => Cinderella's Fella
6 => Singledad
15 => scott2997
17 => Bo Duke
17 => toughmudder
19 => theduck619
26 => twokids0204

3 => Electric Mayhem
5 => Swissdog2010
8 => 10dedfish
10 => RodBelding
21 => belias21
23 => NWDAD
27 => jbschafer
27 => maddiesdaddy

1 => Grooovertoo
5 => thebigdisneydaddy
9 => Dominus
9 => katoot
11 => moose615
12 => dadio
13 => RAlexander84
20 => marvali
23 => dvczerfs
24 => Maroonag1
25 => mm1971

3 => FreezinRafiki
4 => trennr
4 => ugadog68
6 => fgtriot
11 => DisDadDoc
11 => disdadIL
19 => declansdad
21 => carlnix30
30 => AirGoofy

3 => ItsDisney
4 => cj9200
4 => stopher1
6 => DARuss
7 => Jousey
9 => IamTrike
12 => rescuetink
13 => Wherem I Now
17 => RollTyde
23 => mickeyncldkd
28 => disdadsupreme
31 => mattyg

2 => Dis_Dreamin
4 => ClearScreen
5 => DisneyDadC
5 => GoBucks1168
8 => MiJo
10 => garryhman & SouthernTaz
16 => that's nice
17 => afwdwfan
18 => BenA81
22 => Captain_Oblivious
26 => arthuruscg
29 => disney67

2=> GoHerd1028
9=> Ryansdad0727
13 => disneydad78
15 => lnevo
18 => hoyce
25 => thecapells
27 => Venomhatch
30 => DisDr.

Cinderella's Fella

DIS Dad #215 Maryland, The Land Of Merry!
Aug 14, 2008
As we get more new members just send me a PM and tell me where you are from and I will get you added to the list.

If your name is not on this list send me a PM and I will get you added ASAP!
Here is our updated list of where everyone is from or has been from at one time or another!!! Trying to expand our reach to all 50 states and as many different nations as possible.
Where our DisDads are From!

DisDr., GorshGoofy, SouthernTaz

The Disney Fanatic


RAlexander84, disdadsupreme

Stopher1, Cinderella's Fella, VivekB, SoundGuy, ramkam

BigDisneyFan, Prattpak, Grooovertoo, GrumpyCAdad

That'sNice, DisDadDoc, DizJohn, JHMCARTY

Captain Oblivious

Zuperdave, Stopher1, CJ9200, Venomhatch

DisneyFed, mattyg, hardrock01, Cinderella's Fella



MiddlePat, Goofy+3, Cinderella's Fella, Illini Disney Guy, DisneyDon1

Stopher1, afwdwfan, FauntleroyFAN07, theduck619, jbschafer, simzac, Dis_Dreamin, jmwest

Wasnotafan, mblc14


AirGoofy, Kycruisecrazy, BigDaddyWill

Bunch24, DARuss, Mrmrezg, CAJUNWDWFAN, DDuck4Life, DisDr., ChrisBrad79

Cinderella's Fella, arthuruscg

Bradsdadg, Whaler54, gerows, RodBelding, Bearadise, mm1971

JoeMickey, Chillcoupons, MichMickey, Stopher1, fgtriot, pbarager

DSNYFRK, Explodo, snocrossmechanic, DH-2-mamaduck, Twin Dad

UncleScrooge0707, The Disney Fanatic, thebigdisneydaddy, maddiesdaddy

DoggyDoc, NandK



New Hampshire
Capt. Barbosa

New Jersey
Disney Commando, NJRRK, rescuetink, Swissdog2010

New Mexico
Thumper_Man, papamouse1

New York
ClearScreen, JoeMickey, ItsDisney, 1GrumpyJohn, Gasface, aggordon2, Electric Mayhem, baseballmickey, lnevo, Naively Occur, kandaf, disney67

North Carolina
Wolfpacklegion, Tutter99, BillyBobblockhead, rbenn81, The Disney Fanatic, mickeyncldkd, IamTrike, Rental01, 10dedfish, belias21

GoHerd1028, AJRitz, CarlFredrickson, Hannah'sDad, goofy4prez, scott2997, GoBucks1168

MiJo, DVCZerfs, KTME, Chillcoupons, DisneyDadC, Matt314hew, TheNextDisneyVillian, 1GrumpyJohn, dadio, Sonnyeclipse, JDBB, brea, wmson2000, carlnix30, Cinderella's Fella, Claytoporski, brettcw23

South Carolina
DisneyFed, GoofyIsAsGoofyDoes, Marvali, ugadog68, RollTyde, thheaton

Trennr, miTunes75, Barnhill9586, moose615

MrIncredible1980, HoustonDan, BigTex71, Donald Duck Dad, Dominus, Snow Shoe, Downey Family


Goofy+3, DEA, Emma'sDad, BenA81, amjetmech, fsmith2845, IamTrike, Wherem I Now, GoofyDadinVA, thecapells

amjetmech, NWDAD

West Virginia
GoofyisasGoofyDoes, GoHerd1028

FreezinRafiki, Turkey Lurkey, Singledad, katoot, Bo Duke, Jousey

United Kingdom

Tutter99, DisneyDadd-O, middlepat, Jeffd101, bdoyledimou, BigTikiDaddy, SmilingGrump, bjensen25, twokids0204, declansdad




South Korea
  • Cinderella's Fella

    DIS Dad #215 Maryland, The Land Of Merry!
    Aug 14, 2008

    This is the list of current members of the DIS Dad's Club members. They are in order of when each member posted to the thread (in case anyone was worried about seniority) ;)

    Clicking on the name will take you to their profile. If there are any typos, let me know :woohoo: Also... if you would like your first name to be included next to your username, send a PM with that information to Cinderellas Fella

    1. The Disney Fanatic
    2. dbenlee
    3. I'mNoPrince
    4. emsip
    5. SiClone
    6. Kies99
    7. NewRocDad
    8. KERdad06
    9. Kitchensinkguy
    10. stemikger
    11. Phibbles
    12. goalierich
    13. computiv
    14. TikiRoomGod
    15. Snow Shoe - Steve
    16. DARuss - David
    17. KevGuy - Kevin
    18. bord1niowa
    19. RllngRckBrw
    20. Paul (tigger fan)
    21. nomolos
    22. pskelly
    23. snocrossmechanic - Mark
    24. Disneydaddycanada
    25. naf917
    26. capecoddisneyfamily
    27. mrincredible2008
    28. dopeyone
    29. Harley-Mouse
    30. Wherem I Now - Mike
    31. TheWho
    32. Jhalkias
    33. mgkkgdm
    34. 1Grumpy John
    35. TyGuy
    36. jimmytammy
    37. OhioDisneyDad
    38. Calvinosaurus
    39. Ukie Mouse
    40. CastawayJP
    41. DaParkers
    42. awaldo
    43. Brumeiser
    44. Fellowship9798
    45. drakethib
    46. Jack-Jack
    47. ammo
    48. miler1600
    49. jeffs72
    50. goofydadof3
    51. IHadALifeOnce
    52. BTDTGB
    53. bradisgoofy - Brad
    54. Master Mason
    55. DisLUV
    56. Bork
    57. Donald Duck Dad
    58. macfinn
    59. a Really Bad Egg
    60. JoeMickey
    61. tokyodisneydad
    62. DisneyWorldGoof
    63. Abby's Dad
    64. kphwus
    65. sorahl1
    66. eruwqoi
    67. imadisneynut
    68. rotlex - Steve
    69. Jrb350z
    70. RussellDisney
    71. MikeKV
    72. fireman1
    73. Evad
    74. realfam
    75. Dis Fan Dad
    76. SaintTaris
    77. jlearn
    78. irishbacker92
    79. SophiasDad
    80. RNtheRN
    81. chillcoupons
    82. disneyfatherof3
    83. HolidayRoad
    84. WDWfeelslikehome
    85. Buckeye 218
    86. stopher1 - Christopher - About Me
    87. minniekissedme
    88. ninety-seven
    89. buzznina
    90. fabfivefigo
    91. DisneyFed - Michael - AKA "Honcho"....as in the Talladega Nights Ricky Bobby "Mike Honcho" About Me
    92. Grandbuddy
    93. koho
    94. ScubaD
    95. Verandah Man - Andy
    96. Grumpy_Doc
    97. cwt580
    98. tiggerandpooh
    99. Dyerneeds
    100. PADISFAM
    101. kalel29
    102. meduck
    103. Grumpy_Disney_Dad
    104. trennr - "Nate" Nathan - About Me - About Me part 2
    105. Credit Man
    106. disneydad78
    107. TonyB
    108. Cyrano
    109. DNSYFRK - James
    110. GrumpyCAdad
    111. PGHDisneyfan
    112. markm0926
    113. tom31b
    114. BelievelandDad08
    115. Emma's Dad - Don - About Me
    116. Goofy2937
    117. McRed
    118. Troop o' Goofs
    119. fsmith2845
    120. M-I-C-K-E-Y
    121. gene751
    122. caa1277 - Chad
    123. pilgrimr
    124. crazyhunter98
    125. FauntleroyFAN07
    126. caitlinsdad
    127. madbrad76
    128. OlinFroid
    129. kenny
    130. Goofy4
    131. zuperdaave -David
    132. Monorail Purple&Gold
    133. dad2t&e
    134. Murphman
    135. flrickd
    136. nytimez
    137. KingsKidsx4
    138. 5stljayhawks
    139. Carnator
    140. chipscamping buddy
    141. Disneypirate85
    142. TheCooksLuvDisney
    143. dvczerfs - Dave - About Me
    144. Lampman
    145. GoofyDad13
    146. bigDISdaddy
    147. Jeff8372EMT
    148. Bloodhound
    149. pthuhges2 - Pat
    150. jarong
    151. wink13
    152. randy4au
    153. Tink-n-Peter
    154. Mrincredible1980 - Matt
    155. sduck
    156. cmwade77
    157. MKFan-PR
    158. Jellietree
    159. DenverDad
    160. Dad22Angels_AC
    161. KTME -Kevin
    162. goofydad48
    163. thecapells - Michael
    164. troynkasey
    165. Kevhead21
    166. CleveRocks
    167. blitzkrieg048
    168. Dznefreek
    169. vince971
    170. DaPanMan
    171. StotheK
    172. GoHerd1028 - Steve - About Me
    173. kapeman
    174. marvali - Marvin
    175. lichevyguy
    176. Monstahs Boys
    177. kc5grw
    178. wotruba-disney
    179. dznymania
    180. LITTLEKID58
    181. JimR24
    182. goober069
    183. Magical Moments
    184. jship210
    185. myhouseofmouse
    186. KYCruiseCrazy
    187. DisneyDadC - Carl, PA
    188. theduck619 - David
    189. SmileRockon52
    190. Addicted To Disney
    191. Luvdisney
    192. RedSox1974
    193. colinsdad
    195. KEVD
    196. SergeantDad
    197. proteus
    198. Dopeyforlife
    199. DreadpiratK
    200. uncle_donald
    201. stevestoneky
    202. DVC-Don
    203. aaronmckie
    204. tjevans
    205. BrADmatt
    206. matlock42373
    207. jtopp
    208. JimFitz
    209. Dr_Finkelstein
    210. vrntnns
    211. figment74
    212. bdtracey
    213. Strangeite
    214. Cottager
    215. Cinderella's Fella - Randall
    216. Tuney (aka: miTunes75) - About Me
    217. Litty8
    218. disneyplanningdad
    219. TK Brown
    220. Superjoint_Ritual
    221. JoeyD
    222. yxe dad
    223. schnerk
    224. Goofin' around
    225. La Bete
    226. pinnocchiosdad
    227. cokenut33
    228. gojoe
    229. futureWDWCEO
    230. bdoyledimou
    231. buzzwoody70
    232. Mick West
    233. Jim Hawkin
    234. ajleone
    235. GoofyFD - Mark
    236. StarCruiser
    237. surfdisney
    238. middlebill
    239. G-Duck
    240. jrl153
    241. RayJay
    242. theostwalts
    243. mickeysmiles
    244. Rodrigo
    245. stitchsgrandpa
    246. Soonermode
    247. Yen Sid
    248. PJAY
    249. tribus121
    250. DenGrampy
    251. AdoptedDisneyFamily
    252. T-i-double-g-err
    253. whithouston
    254. lfdt1
    255. TortugaDave
    256. borntoshop96
    257. Captain_Oblivious - Mark - About Me
    258. jrbdad
    259. disneyderns
    260. thesupersmartguy
    261. BenA81
    262. solfan68
    264. Arthur27
    265. Chkysbak
    266. DisneyBamaFan
    267. Poopachino- Jeff
    268. firsttimeguest
    269. wsushocker
    270. bucknuts
    271. dusty-the-disneydad
    272. doc005
    273. poc53
    274. gtrain219
    275. CatManDoo
    276. Allisdad
    277. mem22
    278. booger73
    279. bringmethathorizon
    280. VADisneyDad
    281. GrumpyGoofy
    282. porknbeans
    283. M'sdaddy
    284. e55fan
    285. oddBotkins
    286. DisneyDaddy-O - Nick
    287. chicagodisdad
    288. shoreline99
    289. thebells_Dallas
    290. luckydad3
    291. birdsboro
    292. bonrea
    293. CdnKayDee
    294. mickeyncldkd
    295. twindad2
    296. Jaffa
    297. Carolina Mouse
    298. greens_in_WA
    299. skyman8963
    300. CannonBoy
    301. KDavenpoer29@yahoo.c
    302. Disnewbie76
    303. jlearn
    304. richmo
    305. wild4dis
    306. Nschur
    307. da big r
    308. DisneyBry
    309. ty93850
    310. Tiggr88
    311. Justin the Hook
    312. MarkinNM
    313. Ghostman
    314. TheMightyOb
    315. Walt1967
    316. bch044
    317. StitchDaddy
    318. Tjkane28
    319. arje
    320. fers31
    321. sticker231
    322. FreezinRafiki - Barry - About Me
    323. congajeff
    324. Goofyz3girls
    325. middlepat -Brian - About Me
    326. SSWiand
    327. Figment_Fan -John
    328. HardShell
    329. Jersey Hokie
    330. that's nice - Tim - About Me
    331. SCFIREMAN
    332. SuperDisneyDad
    333. mossy1
    334. BalloonGuy
    335. MiJo - Mike - About Me
    336. Skysdad
    337. GorshGoofy - Ray
    338. SenoiaDawg
    339. vladimir10
    340. rhettreaux
    341. AirGoofy - Norm
    342. MrIncrediDad
    343. pepe of ohio
    344. disnut75
    345. BayouMickey
    346. Lakeside Pirate
    347. Peterparker29
    348. stemikger
    349. DisneydaveCT
    350. ZipaDeeDooDad
    351. lessernobleman
    352. mitadoh - Tim
    353. DaddyDakine
    354. geogat
    355. Bigkid4disney
    356. tutter99 - Randy - About Me
    357. Disnydad
    358. JB2K
    359. Jellyman
    360. simpsonps121
    361. brattosa - Steve
    362. DanMedix
    363. Agent P
    364. My_3_Mi_Princesses
    365. boettj
    366. Rental01 - Ian
    367. itJeff - Jeff
    368. DisneyGerry
    369. taurus8012
    370. downsouth
    371. JimGarth - Jim
    372. Daddy2Abby
    373. terrygroomes
    374. Demadorejr
    375. MrDisneyphile
    376. DizNutDad
    377. oXar
    378. twindad2
    379. skinsfan2878
    380. ixmnrs
    381. nedac
    382. Corwin
    383. goofy Jr. 88
    384. picatinny
    385. JoshDek - Josh
    386. disney0556
    387. shmedly123
    388. Janitor Beans
    389. jundland
    390. Donald duk
    391. Skooch
    392. Fireball44
    393. Disney Commando - Ron
    394. pittsburghmarc
    395. KingdomHearts
    396. brewcrew80
    397. jebiford29 - Jeb
    398. Buffman
    399. exnortherner
    400. Goofy + 3 - Chris - About Me
    401. mrtoffee - Paul
    402. MadScouser
    403. DisDadDoc - Chris
    404. glennbo123
    405. alamode
    406. browniemtb - Bob
    407. Kborn - Keith
    408. Chef_Skinner
    409. Steven41782
    410. brentm3
    411. fireman1
    412. cj9200
    413. insureman
    414. Baloo4you - Mike
    415. disrailfan
    416. SkinsFan76
    417. Tristen79
    418. unclescrooge_0707 - boB - - About Me
    419. lawsonsontour
    420. AJRitz - Aaron - About Me
    421. mickeys papi
    422. PoohsFan1 - Mike
    423. feezle
    424. Bdawg
    425. billybobblockhead - Greg
    426. themouse1928
    427. PirateCaptain
    428. rescuetink - David
    429. eddiemcgarrigle
    430. CivilE
    431. homeboycartel
    432. DEA - Eric
    433. ADP - Aaron
    434. OKW Lover
    435. Illini Disney Guy - Tom
    436. Hpyhiker - Darrel
    437. DisneyTaylors - Bill
    438. Madformickey
    439. makelab
    440. Danno Magee - Daniel
    441. Big_Disney_Fan
    442. Carl Fredricksen
    443. oregondaddyof2 - Terry
    444. pwiedower
    445. spay2499
    446. DH-2-mamaduck - Cameron (Cam)
    447. Ryansdad0727
    448. Mr. Disney 652
    449. Disney Dad Canada
    450. steelheaddad
    451. whkento - Kent
    452. Hoopfamily - Justin
    453. rcallbeck - Rudy
    454. cush1 - Adam
    455. pjpoppins
    456. prlnoirpir8 - Buddy
    457. jjbescher - Jon
    458. Magicdad
    459. Oz! - Brian
    460. afwdwfan - Andy - About Me
    461. ClearScreen
    462. TechGuy
    463. Wolfpacklegion - Jeff
    464. rbenn81 - About Me
    465. VivekB
    466. YanksWinAgain
    467. Bunch24 - Brady
    468. tiresmokindad
    469. GoofyIsAsGoofyDoes - Rob - About Me
    470. CNYGuy
    471. matt314hew - Matthew
    472. MichMickey - Greg - About Me
    473. wahooker
    474. hannah's dad
    475. DisDr. - Philip
    476. ItsDisney - Angelo
    477. TheNextDisneyVillain
    478. mikeymouse1
    479. prattpak - Mark - About Me
    480. Explodo - About Me
    481. wasnotafan
    482. doggydoc
    483. POB14
    484. goofy4prez - Bob
    485. ugadog68 - Todd
    486. OZ 877
    487. Capt. Barbosa
    488. TheGoofster
    489. NJRRK
    490. mattyg - Matt
    491. Gasface
    492. jeffd101
    493. ccudmore
    494. ArmyMouse
    495. dolphindan1
    496. Pjimmeyer - Jimbo
    497. silmarg - Sil
    498. amjetmech - Pat
    499. Bradsdadg
    500. Stitch'sCousin
    501. dadio - Brody
    502. Pirates4me
    503. balloondoggle
    504. parrothead365
    505. HoustonDan
    506. Coach81 - Randy
    507. JWG
    508. xJersey_Guy
    509. bouncingtiggers - Steve
    510. BirdsLightyear - Chris
    511. kcjnz
    512. FFGrumpy
    513. perrywinkle47
    514. cemeb4dk
    515. Whaler54
    516. gerows - Marty
    517. mrcricket
    518. mnra
    519. DaveH - Dave
    520. Marib
    521. swabikedude - James
    522. Iceman13
    523. TCARON - Tom
    524. Guzzi
    525. Enzo's Dad - Steven
    526. dsiind - Doug
    527. jimmiej - Jimmie
    528. MaineEars
    529. etail
    530. Threeriversdisneyfan
    531. misled3
    532. newarknut
    533. Naively Occur
    534. derricksonb
    535. NedsTJ
    536. BigTex71 - John
    537. Docjason2 - Jason
    538. Sonnyeclipse - Colin
    539. Fastpaks
    540. JJ721
    541. jason4024 - Jason
    542. mblc14 - Mike
    543. scott2997 - Scott
    544. GoBucks1168 - Dan
    545. Fwd Facing Tentacles
    546. bamacamper
    547. lgkeeper
    548. Dominus - Dominus
    549. FFToolboxGuy - Jeff
    550. grumpyfannypack
    551. Turkey Lurkey
    552. gopherlawyer
    553. jedijohn - John
    554. GreatBiscuit - Matt
    555. goofygrump
    556. Barnhill9586 - Shannon
    557. TigerTown - Kyle
    558. Disneyferris
    559. carlnix30 - Carl
    560. PapaMouse_
    561. twokids0204 - Brian
    562. garryhman - Garry
    563. thebigdisneydaddy
    564. RAlexander84
    565. Mipatn - Greg
    566. IamTrike
    567. GRUMPY D
    568. bare necessities
    569. sushibite
    570. WestPalmBucsFan - Eric
    571. tshane
    572. Grooovertoo - Dave
    573. Goulet! - Matt
    574. BigTikiDaddy - Brent
    575. DisneyZell - Drew
    576. aggordon2 - Gary
    577. Mrmrezg - Greg
    578. jmwest - Justin - About Me
    579. YoMickey
    580. RollTyde
    581. bjtriche - Bobby
    582. GoofysNCCrew - Jerry
    583. Stangman - Sandy
    584. SmilingGrump - Terry
    585. Tinbadge69
    586. herc1997 - About Me
    587. Tuney - Mark
    588. roanokejim
    589. RodBelding - Paul
    590. crocko - John
    591. DisneyDon1 - Don
    592. IndyDisney - Dave
    593. TekMickey - Joe
    594. Singledad - Scott
    595. mattsdragon
    596. T Morrows Child
    597. cbgoofy
    598. katoot - Casey
    599. Anton Ego - Jim
    600. ospopo5
    601. razster
    602. Wadecool
    603. Downeaster
    604. fgtriot - Matthew
    605. nealsmith
    606. maddiesdaddy
    607. JDBB
    608. FatOldHillbillie
    609. clmouse
    610. WIDisneyFan
    611. DisneyMacAddict
    612. appstate04
    613. BensDaddy
    614. CarsFanatic - Dan
    615. DPK400
    616. wmson2000
    617. plutoplanet - Jeremy
    618. Greysword
    619. dnoyes
    620. bjensen25 - Brandon
    621. Dis_Dreamin
    622. WestTexasDad - Brad
    623. Hunnypaw
    624. Downey Family - Clancy
    625. NJdadof2
    626. gcferg
    627. JohnPA - John, JP or HeyHeyJP
    628. 10dedfish - Matt
    629. mmacg78
    630. Donald Duck888
    631. DisneyInvader - Chris
    632. yaksack
    633. scribega - Scott
    634. blesseddad4 - Pete
    635. Bo Duke - Jason
    636. Electric Mayhem - Greg
    637. BEAKERFAN
    638. EWL - Erik
    639. declansdad - Darcy
    640. brea
    641. patkingpin
    642. panixx
    643. eon - Ian
    644. baseballmickey - James
    645. bwolfe - Brian
    646. My_Pal_Pluto
    647. Mainedadof3 - Todd
    648. CAJUNWDWFAN - Todd
    649. DDuck4Life - Dustin
    650. frankwzimmerman - Frank
    651. hardrock01
    652. Ashmanarion
    653. THicks863 - Tim
    654. vette79
    655. cvs2kids - Chris
    656. WanderinMickey - Jim
    657. tley
    658. Jathanis
    659. disney67 - Jeff
    660. DisneyRookie2007
    661. DaleG - Dale
    662. jbschafer - Ben
    663. M&M's - Matt
    664. alanapapa - Andrew
    665. lnevo - Lee
    666. SAHDad - Rich
    667. JediMickeyDad
    668. BigDaddyWill - Will
    669. burnsoc - Chris
    670. nickkweber
    671. arthuruscg - James
    672. simzac - Bill
    673. hoyce - Daniel
    674. ChrisBrad79
    675. KeatingFamily - Matthew
    676. JHMCARTY
    677. Swissdog2010 - Terry
    678. Claytoporski - Clay
    679. BigTuna07 - Brian
    680. thheaton - Travis
    681. GrimGrinninGhost - Shaun
    682. DizJohn - John
    683. sorcerermick
    684. Thumper_Man - Mike
    685. NWDAD - Kevin
    686. kandaf - Andrew
    687. Grubbsy
    688. RobertLC
    689. arthur06
    690. Urugami - Chris - About Me
    691. DisneyDad0472 - Doyle - About Me
    692. gingerbcop - Daniel
    693. GoofyDadinVA - Lee
    694. Jousey - Jason - About Me
    695. blueferral - Jay - About Me
    696. JimShockz
    697. papamouse1 - Brad - About Me
    698. g8torphan
    699. cstorm65 - Jon - About Me
    700. D73 - Christopher - About Me
    701. DisFamilyRobinson - David - About Me
    702. ConvenientTruth - George
    703. Tinkerpeas hubby
    704. Twin Dad - Corey - About Me
    705. NandK
    706. SoundGuy - Jeff - About Me
    707. ramkam - Rich - About Me
    708. Venomhatch - Donald
    709. DarthKarl - Karl
    710. space ranger 1 - Corby
    711. disdadIL - Sean - About Me
    712. moose615
    713. Chris the CPA - Chris
    714. mm1971
    715. BDJazz - Ryan
    716. terrortower13 - Scott
    717. belias21 - Brian - About Me
    718. Graciesdisneydad
      [*] spacepoints
    719. pbarager - Paul
    720. toughmudder - Andy
    721. brettcw23 - Brett
    722. Johnny58601
    723. Kassidysdad - Mark
    724. thegales - David
    725. twinsmom&dad - Adam
    726. DisneyGriz - Mark
    727. boreas154
    728. disdadsupreme - Peter
    729. Maroonag1 - Cliff
    730. Bearadise - Rich
    731. SouthernTaz - Adam
    732. alhurricane - Jason
    733. sgtpet
    734. bhamvol
    735. IbeAbitGOOFY - Mal, Shorted version of "real" name - Malvin
    736. budamacdvcr - Mike

    Cinderella's Fella

    DIS Dad #215 Maryland, The Land Of Merry!
    Aug 14, 2008

    Over the course of time there have been a few instances where lines have been drawn in the sand and certain members have become sworn enemies... wait... no that's not right. Sworn nemesis (Def: A formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent)! Below is the current list of those who have announced their foes.

    Trennr (Nathan) vs. Stopher1 (Christopher)
    FreezinRafiki (Barry) vs. That's Nice (Tim)
    ClearScreen (Chris) vs. AJRitz (Aaron)
    Captain_Oblivious (Mark) vs. Middlepat (Brian)
    DisDadDoc (Chris) vs. GoHerd1028 (Steve)
    prattpak (Mark) vs. jason4024 (Jason)
    Scott2997 (Scott) vs. twokids0204 (Brian)
    theduck619 (David) vs. AirGoofy (Norm)
    Cinderella's Fella (Randall) vs. DisneyDadC (Carl)
    IamTrike (Ryan) vs. RodBelding (Paul)
    afwdwfan (Andy) vs. GoofyIsAsGoofyDoes (Rob)
    DisneyFed (Mike) vs. dvczerfs (Dave)
    Bo Duke (Jason) vs. Katoot (Casey)
    disney67 (Jeff) vs. thheaton (Travis)
    disdadIL (Sean) vs. Twin Dad (Corey)
    moose615 (Philip) vs. Trennr (Nathan)
    mm1971 (Jim) vs. cj9200 (CJ)

    This list changes frequently and may not accurately reflect the current views of the said members in this list. Allegiance to any particular member can and most likely will result in terrible consequences, such as name-calling, nasty comments, and the occasional crop-dusting.

    Nemesis Challenge 2

    List of Potential Runners so Far:

    Team Beverly
    Chris (DisDocChris/DisDadDoc)
    Randall (Cinderella's Fella)
    Travis (thheaton)
    Daniel G (hoyce)
    Dave (IndyDisDave)

    Team Dole Whip
    Steve (GoHerd)
    Carl (DisneyDadC)
    Adam (SouthernTaz)
    Ryan (IamTrike)

    Unassigned or Still Considering (?)
    Randy (Tutter)
    Brian (twokids0204)
    Aaron (AJRitz)
    Barry? (FreezinRafiki)
    Tim? (that's nice)
    Terry? (SmilingGrump)
    Paul? (RodBelding)
    Justin? (jmwest)

    Aye, then there's Team Sparrow.

    James (baseballmickey)
    Jim (mm1971)
    Brett (brettcw23)
    Brent (BigTikiDaddy)
    Norm (AirGoofy)
    Corey (Twin Dad)

    Our Captain, and only runner, is James. *The rest of them will be holding down the couch and drinking heavily. *As you can see, this is a seriously challenged team.*​

    Cinderella's Fella

    DIS Dad #215 Maryland, The Land Of Merry!
    Aug 14, 2008
    Here are the updated stats with XXVI added into the mix. Special thanks to GoofyIsAsGoofyDoes for keeping stats!

  • AirGoofy

    DIS Dad#341
    Jul 24, 2009
    I believe this is only the second time I made page 1. Thanks for the new thread Randall. Clearly, the penguins are mobilizing.
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