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Discussion in 'Creative DISigns' started by Baloo, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. Baloo

    Baloo <font color="red"><br>Laughter is the bloom<br>of

    Apr 21, 2000
    Shocked and saddened don't even begin to describe how I'm feeling tonight .:( I could NOT believe my eyes when I logged on this evening.I received an email from Kate and then headed here to Creative DISigns.My first reaction was ....well picture Clark Griswald in Christmas vacation when all he got for a bonus was the Jelly of the Month club! But I stepped away had a shot of the Captain and a big chunk of fudge and I'm ready to give y'all my feelings on this entire situation.Now let's just hope the DISboards stay up long enough for me to post all this. I have no idea what Admin is up to with that,no one has informed the Mods about the trouble.

    I am VERY,VERY upset and hurt...Hurt that no one but Kate and MissMissy came to me with what was going on.It has taken me 3 days to piece together everything. I am the moderator of Creative DISigns. I am her to HELP everyone when they have a problem. I might not be on the board everyday but I am online checking my email almost EVERYDAY! I have been a DIS Moderator for almost 7 years now and when the MONSTER Tshirt thread started on TPAS,OMG it was soooooooooooooo refreshing. A group of Internet people getting along,sharing and laughing together. I hadn't seen anything like that on the DIS in a lot of years. I know the CB blows up every now and then,there's rifts and bannings,people leave because friends are gone. I thought the DDA was far and above that. I crowed to the WM about all of you.How wonderfully everyone got along,caring and sharing ideas,freely. Everyone was there to make others happy,to get joy in creating by giving and receiving. Then it turned into more.Friendships.Some tighter than others but that is NOTHING new on the Internet realm of friends scale! If you spend ANY time on Internet boards you see that but the Disney Design Addicts have always always been welcoming to any one new.

    This board was specifically created for me because of all of YOU! There are a few here that are special. Stand out from others.That is a fact of Internet life...if you're jealous of that either get over it or don't come play here at the DDA. I wanted EVERYONE welcomed here...I think MOST of that feel that way.But this is the Internet. Things get misconstrued...rumors fly....geez it's total BS! Either be HONEST...stand by what you've said...don't wimp out and edit posts...that's TOTAL BS!!! I was actually HAPPY to see y'all letting it rip on this chit chat thread because I was FINALLY seeing what was happening by the parties involved.

    This place would not be what it is without Kate.Some of you may love her some of you might find her a PITA ,but it's a fact.She has given her talents freely to so many,keeps up with everyone,always has a nice word.She is one in a million and I'm proud to call her friend.

    I fought tooth and nail for the T-shirt thread,I moved it to Crafts as I thought that was a place the designing could grow but it didn't work. When Admin. decided they wanted to sort of redesign the entire DIS Boards,a moderator could only have 1 board to moderate...I had 3 and had to choose ONE...ONLY one...it was killing me. I felt like I had to choose between my children.WMs knew how much work I put into the designing threads, how attached I was to the DDA,how wonderful it was all running but my love was TPAS, they let the T-shirt thread go back to TPAS and become a sub board.Well I got raked over the coals big time by other Mods on that one. I resigned with a very heavy heart from the DIS.But to my surprise the WM wanted ME back! I have loved and been devoted to the DIS and sharing Disney information with people planning trips for many years. I'm a good Moderator or I wouldn't have been asked back and given this unique opportunity to foster and care for this wonderful community that has become the Disney Design Addicts.

    So I'm going to Moderate.

    I'm closing this chit chat thread.The magic, the fun is gone from there. I hoped it would go on and on but it unfortunately it hasn't.

    Everyone needs to either have their spats in PMs or fogetta about it. :smooth:

    I won't have crap dragged onto any of these threads.No barbs or innuendo by anyone about other things meaning "troubles" with other posters. None. Notta. Zip. I will delete it if I think it's one.

    Don't be afraid to be sarcastic.It can be done gently and be very funny. This little face might help. :rolleyes:

    Please don't be offended if not everyone response to something you say.

    Remember you're not going to like or agree with everyone.

    Lastly I hate the word clique! I get sick of hearing that word on the Internet ...a clique is a exclusive group of people.Lord knows the DDA has welcomed EVERYONE with open arms! This is NOT a clique it's a club. An association of people with a common interest.

    So people let's get back to having a good time. Start a new thread,post on another thread...we have an entire BOARD to play on here!!! http://www.disboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=105

    This is a fun loving,pixie dust induced place.Let's keep it that way!!! :flower: :wizard: :cool1: :sunny: :banana: ::MickeyMo ::MinnieMo
  2. karebear1

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    Mar 12, 2001
    Thanks Baloo. I'm sad as you are, but I'm glad you closed the monster thread.
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