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Feb 11, 2002
I'm going on the cruise on 3/9 and will be celebrating my 20 year annivesary. Can I still book any kind of vow renewal or celebration on the cruise?? What does the DCL offer for anniversaries and who would I contact? Anyone know prices??

For info on Wedding & Vow Renewal Packages, call (407) 828-3400 and speak with a Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Specialist. They should be able to give you complete info on optional packages for WDW and DCL. If you decide not to do a special package, you can still order an anniversary cake.
Taswira, When and from where do u order the anniversay cake from. Do u order before you go? celebrating our 25th and would like to order one as a nice surprise to DH. Also would like to order some sort of basket.
You can actually wait until you are on the ship to request a simple anniversary cake (speak to your head server to arrange it), but if you want something really special, you should call (407) 828-3400 and ask them about all the options.

If you want to REALLY splurge, call DCL or your TA and ask for the Romantic Indulgence at Sea Package (Code ROM).

Add $564 per couple to most 3-, 4-, or 7-night Disney Cruise Line® packages.

Onboard, you'll receive:
- Commemorative Disney's Fairy Tale Honeymoons Lanyard with Pin (one per person)
- Romance Totebag
- Romantic gift amenity delivered to your statroom (one per package); includes champagne, two champagne flutes, cheese and crackers
- One half-hour aromatherapy body massage at the Vista Spa & Salon (one per person)
- Priority seating at Palo, the exclusive adults-only restaurant, for one night of your cruise
I can't quote a price, because it would depend on what you want. I'm sure you could order something elaborate with enough notice.

I believe the cake I referred to as "simple" is still available at no charge if you make the request through your head server (at least a day ahead), but you would need to check with DCL directly to confirm that it is complimentary. It would be a small "Happy Anniversary" cake, nothing fancy, and just big enough for you and all your tablemates. If you want something truly special, you should call the number I mentioned to purchase an optional package, or go through your own TA. They could arrange just a basket and cake if that is what you want.
This is something that we also considered for our 20th anniversary in May. There are vow renewal packages available through various wedding consultants on the various islands (Nassua, St. Thomas, etc.). I did a web search and found several---actually got a quote for Freeport. But we have decided to not do this because we're buying a new house, so...it seemed a bit much. We'll actually be at the AKL before the cruise on the date of our anniversary, so maybe a meal at Jiko's...

Good luck.
I've been looking into this on & off for 18 months or so. Even tho it's a bit pricey we've opted for our renewal on the ship. I booked the cruise (Western 7-day) and the renewal during the cruise this past week. I know the cruise is awesome (this will be our 4th) and I figure the renewal is something we're going to do only once so we're going for it. You only live once, right? :)

Look for us on the 9/28. We'll be the ones in wedding attire acting like two kids. :)

Can you tell me more about the VOW renewal package? How, what, when and where they perform it?

Can you also give me an idea of how much it costs and how to arrange it?

This is something that I would love to do. My husband and I have been married for 10 years and I think this would be just the right thing to top off our trip. I think our children would get a kick out of it as well especially if we can involve them.

We are doing the Eastern 7 day.
DCL Wedding and Vow Renewals are done at Castaway Cay, Disney's Private Island. The package is approximately $3K in additional to your cruise fare.

You can contact your travel agent and they will get in touch with Disney Weddings or you can contact Disney Weddings directly to get more information.

Hope this helps.
I don't have my planning package yet (should within a week or so). They originally only offered the wedding package on Castaway Cay for vow renewals as well. Last year Fairytale Weddings came up with a vow renewal package which is exclusive to renewals. We're DVC members paying for the cruise on points so our price is an "add-on" price. It's $1099. We will have an on-board renewal consultant, concierge services to handle all of our reservations. The renewal will take place in Sessions on Thursday (of the 7-day) at 4:30pm. It will be performed by the ship's captain. We will have a musician (would assume piano since it's in Sessions). My flowers and his boutonniere will be provided. After the renewal we will have a small cake (Mickey & Mini cake topper to keep) and champagne reception. Your dinner at Palo will be that evening. You also receive a special gift and a photo along with your renewal certificate.

Yes, it's pricey but well worth it when you consider what the event is and where you're able to have it. I'm working with Kathy at Fairytale Weddings - she's been very helpful.

The renewals are only done of Thursdays whereas the weddings take place on Friday at Castaway Cay. They will only book one renewal and one wedding per cruise. That helped me decide which week to book as the following week (our second choice for cruise itinerary was already booked with a renewal).

I hope that helped. Good luck and Happy Anniversary!
Look for us on the 9/28. We'll be the ones in wedding attire acting like two kids.

congrats on the renewal, how many years will it be? We too will be on the sailing of 09/28, can hardly wait!
congrats on the renewal, how many years will it be? We too will be on the sailing of 09/28, can hardly wait!
20 years! We were highschool sweethearts so we've been together for 26 years.

I've got the countdown board already up next to the fridge. Six months is quite a long time off. I've already started looking for bathingsuits and dresses tho.....shopping helps pass the time. :)
.....shopping helps pass the time

ahh music to my ears !!!!!! For me part of the cruising fun is that countdowm til cruise, I enjoy reading boards like this, shopping for this and that, deciding what we are going to do at port, etc. Pure Bliss that just peaks once you board the ship!!!!



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