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Jan 18, 2000
Howdy all -

DH & I went to Disneyland & DCA for New Years Eve, and I wanted to share with you a few new attractions at DCA.

First they've finally replaced the awful 'Steps in Time' show. The replacement is "Blast" which showed at WDW over the summer. I must say that I like it better in a closed theatre than in the open ampitheater they used in WDW. And it is a vast improvement over its predecessor.

Second, they've replaced (I don't know if this is permanant or not) the film "Return to Neverland" in the Animation Exhibit with a film about Walt. For the Disney fanatic, this is the place to be... The film appears to be put together from old Disney family movies & photos with voiceovers from old interviews with Walt. The whole thing is strung together with a narrative by the big "E" himself. We saw it 3 times over the weekend.


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Oct 21, 1999
Sounds like the film may be the one that ends "One Man's Dream" at the Central Florida Studios. Anybody know for sure?


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Sep 20, 1999
Yes, from what I hear from CM sources it is the same video in DL animation and One Man's Dream.

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Jan 19, 2000
Blast is a GREAT show! I encourage everyone in the OC area to go see it before it closes! I loved it, it was a great hit at Epcot. Tons of people were waiting in the pouring rain to see it, and yes, I was one of them. :o :D


Yes I also encourage everyone to go see BLAST!!!!! I saw the show down in WDW this past summer. It was Great!!!!!!!!!