DCA is not for me.


Apr 14, 2000
I'm more convinced then ever that DCA was not built for me. So, I must ask, who is DCA built for?

I like thirll rides, not expensive restraunts, so DCA is not for me. I'm more impressed with fantasy than I am with reality, so DCA is not for me. I run past shops to get into ride lines, so DCA is not for me. I was born and rasied in CA, but after much travel, have realized that the state stinks (especially the air in LA), so DA is not for me.

Now, they resume the sale of annual passes, but I only get to DL every half decade or so. They are still not selling hoppers to those paying under $200 a night for a hotel room. Just more proof that DCA is not for me.

Judging from two recent trip reports I've seen, the park is loved by DINKS (Double Income yuppies with No Kids). Is this park built for anyone else?
(I am NOT looking for an argument! I've not been to DCA yet.)

I am curious as to your opinions of WDW...

It would seem that, beyond the MK, much of WDW wouldn't appeal to you either. Is that the case?

I think that most people on these boards love all things Disney as a first priority. That may sway us to be more accepting of parks like Epcot, MGM and/or DCA(?)

That's why I'm curious as to your opinions of WDW.

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DCA in my opinion is built for out of state guests who want to get a feel for the state. It holds really no repeat value for most locals. I will not be purchasing an AP for that park because frankly it is a waste of money. There is only 1 ride I truly enjoy there (California Soarin)all their rides I have been seen before in other parks.And the couple that are unique are not worth a 43 dollar admission price.

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I gotta tell ya: my wife and I are Disney loyalists, especially WDW. But when she saw the park on Rose O'Donnell's show, it was a big yawn. She has next-to-no interest in going there. Give her "Peter Pan's Flight" and "Indiana Jones", any day. DCA, to her, just looks so DULL.

And we aren't even from California!

As for me: I'm dying to ride the roller coaster!

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I went to WDW last November, for the first time since '78.

First park was EPCOT. Went on Test Track first. I don't think themeing itself is an attraction, but theming can make an okay attraction into a great one. Test Track is my proof. The ride is not all that thrilling, but the theming makes it a great ride. It was better 4th and 5th times than the 1st.

HISTA, Body Wars, Cranium Command, Energy, SE were okay.

We had lunch at Coral Reef. Six of us split 4 lunches and it was still a bit pricy.

We snakced on stuff we'd brought in to tide us over, until after Illuminations, then had a late dinner at McD near DTD.

EPCOT rates a 6-7 in my book. We went back once, road Test Track, then split.

MGM was GREAT! RnRC is my favorite Disney attraction, with ToT a close second. It was worth a day, just to ride these 2 rides 3-4 times each. Add in the great shows like Beauty, Indianna Jones, Fantasmic!, and it really is a great park. TGMR and BackLot were fun things to do between trips on RnRC and ToT. MGM is a 9 in my book.

DAK was a bit of a yawner, but after some time there, we hopped over for an E-Night at MK. I give DAK a 4. Okay once, for part of a day, but no reason to go back anytime soon.
I grew up in California and Disneyland but the last ten years WDW has owned my heart. We just returned on Monday from a 3-day trip to Disneyland and DCA. Disneyland was much better than I had remembered it, and I must say I now like it better than the MK. DCA I give mixed reviews. My 7-year old son could have stayed on Paradise Pier forever. I was bored. However, I could have stayed at the winery and enjoyed wine for hours-unrealistic with a child. Having Disney characters around helped-for me and my son. I would go back again if I was going to Disneyland. And I must say, I think the Downtown area in California has Florida beat hands down!
You'd actully pay $43 a person to sit all day at a mck winery and drink glasses of wine at $5+ a glass?

If so, then I guess the park has a chance. Not with me though.

Actually, I had a park hopper. And yes, I never ever count money or budget when I'm on vaction-Just lucky I guess! I don't think I would sit there all day, but I could definitely relax with several glass of wine for an hour or two!
WoW! You Never count money on vacation? For DCA's sake, I hope there are enough people like that to create 7 million day visits to DCA. Somehow, I doubt there are that many.

I for one, have to always watch money. Becuase of that, I'm not paying $220+ a night for a hotel room when I can stay less than a mile away for $50.

If they want to hit their attendance numbers, then I think they need to start selling hoppers so people can zip in to do the 3-4 good attractions. And the Hopper has to be like WDW where days don't expire and are only $5 or so above single day admissions.

They have caved on CM's signing people in and APs. Now they need to cave on Hoppers.
I'm not sure what the problem is...you don't like like DCA, don't go. We have annual passes and my son prefers to go to DCA over DL. We enjoy the atmosphere and theming (love the patio at the winery.) I'm getting a bit tired of a few people trying to make those of us who enjoy DCA feel like idiots. We like it. Get over it.

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DCA is for me. :D It took me three visits to see everything that I wanted to see. I LOVE DCA. I am a California native and the attractions at DCA help me to appreciate the great state that I call home. Everyone has a right to his/her opinion. My opinion is that DCA is a great place to escape.

Just spent a great day at DCA yesterday with friends! And guess what the park was moderately crowded. Not packed like the preview days, but not empty the way it was in most of February!
until they offer hopper passes, we won't be going. We're going to DL in 3 weeks, and we've decided to spend all four of our DL allotted days at DL...not DCA. There isn't enough there to warrant wasting a full day of our tickets for this family.
I would just like to respond to PNelson who said that the Downtown area in California beat Florida hands-down. I need to really disagree with this opinion. About a month ago, I just got back from California (did DCA and Disneyland and the REAL wineries) after going on numerous trips to WDW and Orlando. Maybe I'm going to say this out of loyalty to Orlando or maybe I'm saying this because Downtown Disney in California not that great truly, but... I was under the impression that Downtown Disney was supposed to be Disney-themed. The only thing in Downtown (Calif) that is Disney is the World of Disney store. Everything else is some kind of chain restaurant or big expensive store. I'm a huge Disney fan, and I believe that Downtown Disney in Florida truly is MORE Disney than the one in California since practically EVERYTHING is related to Disney (except for the Lego store and a few other places). Okay, whew...said my piece.

What could I possibly have said that made it seem I was trying to make you feel like an idiot?

Some products are designed for everyone; Like Coke or Pepsi. Other products are designed for niches, like Mt. Dew or Jolt. Mt. Dew is not desinged or marketed for me.

I think that DCA was designed to bring in people without kids that have money to spend on things like high-end restraunts and stores selling non-Disney movie merchandise. I think it was designed to please a niche, not everyone.

From the trip reports from people that like it, they seem to be DINKs(Double Income, No Kids). That name shouldn't be considered an insult, just a factual classification of a couple with 2 incomes and no childredn at home.

I've seen many trip reports from people like me (mid 30s, married a dozen years, 3 kids at home, stay-at-home wife/mom, have to save years for a trip to a Disney property) and they are very dissappointed with DCA.

Does that make me an idiot for thinking I'm not going to like it? No, differerent likes/dislikes, and this park seems to have a lot of stuff that would appeal to people with cash to spend, but not a lot of likes for middle-middle class families.

As for insulting your whole state: Personally, I think California stinks. That is my opinion. If you like it, stay there. I left, and won't be moving back. I'll return every 5 years or so to visit family, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Knott's, and DL. DCA won't be on the agenda after my visit. And, if they aren't selling Hoppers by June, I'm pretty sure I'm going to feel let down by the experinece.
I disagree with you. We just got back from Disneyland and DCA - and we loved the new park!! In fact, we could have used another day there because we didn't get to do everything we wanted. We wanted to do several of the rides again and spend a little more time in Disney Animation. My husband and I are in our 30's and I work only part-time - But we certainly didn't feel like we were throwing our money away by going to DCA. We have two kids - ages 8 and 6 - and they loved the park too. In fact, my husband isn't quite the Disney fan I am - so he loved the park more than being at Disneyland. I am hoping that attendance picks up over the spring breaks and Easter break. I agree that there are things they can do to improve the park - but hopefully that will come. Just my opinion....
I really don't think this is the place to rag on a state, regardless of how you feel about it. If you think Yosemite, the Napa Valley, Hollywood, beaches, Redwoods, Lake Tahoe, Mt Shasta, etc stink, you are entitled to that opinion. But this is not the place to make that statement.

As for DCA, I share many of your concerns. However, until I visit it for myself (which I am not forced to do), I will hold back on my judgement.

And if you ARE going to talk negatively about a state, perhaps it would carry more weight if you had your own in your handle. Regardless, as I said, this isn't the place.

I have to agree with dshimel on everything but I don't feel this is an appropriate arena to express your dislike for California.


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Disney based a theme park on California. I don't think the subject of the theme park is so fantastic that it deserves to be the sole subject of a theme park. How can a board dedicated to discussing that park, not be an apropriate place to talk about the subject of a theme park?

If the theme was "Africa", and I'd lived in Affrica for 23 years, would it be inappropriate for me to mention that Africa stinks?

BTW: I live in Colorado Springs, CO.
Yes, it would be inappropriate to say Africa stinks. It is irrelevant, and by the way insulting to those who feel otherwise. Just as how uncomfortable a real castle is compared to Sleeping Beauty's castle is irrelevant. Or how foggy and cold England is has nothing to with the English pavilion at Epcot.

Saying you dislike something is not the same as saying it stinks. One conveys an opinion, the other states a fact. When being positive, no one will care which way you say it. When being negative, particulary when its off-topic, you will offend some.

This just isn't the forum for that kind of stuff. Post in on a Raider message board and its not a problem, you'll just get the same back. But that's not what this board is about.

Moderators- Sorry if by responding I've strayed off-topic. I'll pipe down now. :)


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