DayThree of the Honeymoon: I wish I had a Rascal to ride around on! - MK and Epcot

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    Day three started off with another early AM wakeup call, because we were headed to Epcot, and I really wanted to make sure we got to ride Test Track. Again, DH (hereafter referred to as Clint) dawdled over his doughnuts, and we didn't get to Epcot til 10:00, an hour after opening. After practically running towards Innoventions, being rude to the nice lady wanting to take our picture in front of Spaceship Earth, and making small children cry because I was bellowing "NO, IT'S THIS WAY, GOOBER!" at Clint when he mistakenly took a wrong turn, we approached the ride. The sign said "Wait time: 5 minutes." To make a long story short, We rode Test Track three times in a row, no wait, and eventually ended up riding it five times total before we left the park.

    Might I add that this was the first day that was completely sunny. The first two days were a blur of getting ponchos in and out of backpacks, running from awning to awning in blinding rainstorms, and soggy socks. At first I cheered when I saw Mr. Sunshine peeking through my curtains, but I quickly changed my mind when I actually saw a small bush burst into flame after five minutes in the hot sun. Luckily, the humidity quickly doused the fire. I am from Alabama, and am no stranger to heat and humidity, but this was ridiculous!

    On to the rest of the pavilions, eating lunch at the Garden Grill,and then hitting only the high points of World Showcase, we were ready to leave Epcot by 3:00 pm, and I kid you not, we saw everything we wanted to see. I had only been to WDW on Spring Break and the first week in August before, so this no-crowd thing was blowing my mind. The only downside to the whole day was that I came up hobbling for no reason, my left foot refused to move without screaming pain shooting through it. (As a matter of fact, when I got back home, I discovered I had a stress fracture.) So I moved somewhat slowly the rest of the week, and even the old ladies on their Rascals were passing me.

    We hop on the monorail to head over to MK. We immediately headed to Space Mountain, and walked on twice, rode Alien Encounter with no wait, and Buzz Lightyear with no wait. Clint was ready to call it a day, but I wanted to hit HM before we left. Again, we walked right on, loved it. However, I got my wish for a cooling-off. We emerged from the ride to blinding rain! The CM at the exit would not let anyone put on their ponchos, open their umbrellas, NOTHING! We were told to "Move, you can't block the exit!" But there were at least 30 people huddling together in an act of open defiance of him. Clint and I got smart, and dashed less than 10 feet over to the covered line for the ride. We found a roped off section, leisurely put on our ponchos, rode HM again, and emerged into the deluge under our protective covering!

    Dinner was off-site that night, at Chevy's, because I was having unbelievable Mexican food cravings. It was okay, but nothing to rave about. Following dinner, the rain had stopped, so we decide to head to Disney Quest. Clint was in heaven, because he could play Star Wars to his hearts content for FREE! We decided to check out the rest of the building and try the fun interactive things. Let me preface this by saying that I am the QUEEN of motion sickness. I have to drive everywhere, because I even get sick in the front seat. Elevators, escalators, standing up too fast, bending over, motion simulators, ANYTHING makes me queasy. I have a standing prescription for Phenergan and Antivert, because I get so easily nauseated. So, not being the smartest one in the bunch, I decide for us to try the virtual jungle cruise. About thirty seconds into it, I scream "LET ME OFF THIS THING, I'M GONNA PUKE!" The CM and Clint laugh and keep paddling. I yell, "DO YOU THINK I'M KIDDING?" Needless to say, the night ended shortly thereafter...
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    Yikes to the stress fracture - and I agree there are times I wished had a Rascal to ride on - thanks for posting!
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    lol...i couldn't help but burst out giggling at your "I'M GONNA PUKE"!!! i usually do alright on most rides with motion sickness, but those virtual reality kind of rides/games do me in. i did ok on the jungle cruise one myself, but the aladdin magic carpet one did me in...

    you poor thing! i certainly hope you feel better!!
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    Ugh! After a great day, the motion sickness kicked in!

    Thanks for the report!

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