Day 2 Dinner at Mythos

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    We chose to have breakfast at the Sunset Grill this morning, We had the buffet it was more than worth the $12.95. Everything was wonderful. They had cold cereal and hot cereal, there was fresh fruit and so many different kinds of bread. they had scrambled eggs and bacon and sausage some type of potatoe dish that had cheese it was very good. they also had a kids bar with lots of things kids would like.there was so many things on this buffet I'm sure I'm forgetting some. It was served with coffee and fresh squeezed O.J.
    After breakfast we went to the Conierge desk to see about making reservations for Mythos, we were told that we didn't need reservations because we would get priority seating because we were staying at the HRH., she did say we might want to check with Mythos ourselves if we were going over there just to be sure., which we did, and were told the same thing there, but he did take our name just in case.
    It was time to meet Spiderman... there was a line already forming, but we just showed our magic card and right in we went. It is a great ride.
    Next we rode the Flying Unicorn, cute ride, but it is definatly for kids....We went back over to Jurassic Park River Adventure this time we got seats in the middle of a row, so we remained dry.
    then it was over to Triceratops Discovery Trail, Cute show, but once is enough.
    We had deciede that morning to skip lunch and have dinner ealry, so we walked over to Toon Lagoon and had ice cream from Cathy's, which was very good.
    We walked over to the Lost Continent and went to Poseidon's Fury, very good show, I would say this is a must see. We tryed to catch Sinbads voyage, but the next show wasn't for another hour or so., So we went on Duelin dragons again, this time we waited for front row seats, it wasn't very crowded so the wait was not long. If you have not rode these coasters in the front row, then you haven't rode these coasters, words cannot describe how remarkably awsome it was.
    We meandered around the park for awhile, By now it was getting very hot, so we headed back to the hotel to see if room number 2 was ready. It was and they brought our luggage up, we changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the pool for a relaxing dip. We each ordered a pina colada from the "Beach Club" it was very good.
    It was getting close to our dinner reservations so we went back to the room to shower and change. "Mytho's" how do I begin to describe our meal....I was a bit skeptical, when I first read the menue I thought it sounded a bit Phoo Phoo, but after reading so many posts on how good everything was I wanted to give it a try. I am skeptical no more.... This was one of the best meals I have had in a long time., I had the Balsamic Chicken and my DS had Risotto of the day, which was Spinach & Pesto Risotto w/ chicken stuffed with mozzarella & red pepper with a wild mushroom cream sauce it also was very good. I asked if the "Second chef" was working our waitress didn't know who I was talking about, I'm sorry I could not remember his name at the time, but she went back to the kitchen and asked, Yes Randy was working and came out to our table with our desert Ooey gooey chocolate banana cake, which was melt in your mouth delicious. Randy is the nicest person we talked for a few minutes, It really is very nice to meet someone face to face after only reading posts.
    After dinner it was drizzling so we went over to see Spiderman again, after Spidy we went back over to the Hulk, the rain was falling a little heavier now, but the ride was still running so we hopped right on, well let me tell you riding the Hulk in the rain was quite a different experience, you could hardly keep your eyes open, the rain felt like little rocks hitting your face, by the time we got off it was pouring, so we went back to our room, for a night cap and to watch the fireworks.
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    I TOTALLY agree with you about front row of Dueling Dragons. It was a totally different experience. Once I rode the front row, I just couldn't ride any other place.
    I also agree on Mythos. That warm gooey chocolate banana cake is unbelievably YUMMY!!!

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