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    Ok so I posted these AGES ago last May but I thought I would re-post them to boost the number on the boards. Plus anybody new can also read them. This first report is of my (The Grooms) build up to the wedding. Then I will post the first Honeymoon report and I will finish the rest as I never got round to it...so yippeee. It means I can get all sentimental.

    OK well here goes on the Wedding/Trip Reports, I hope they are good/informative & fun. If not then I do hope you manage to get a good 20 minute nap out of it :D .

    Saturday 28th April 2001
    The Cousins/Yarney(soon to be Cousins) Wedding @ St Mary's Church, Warsash.


    After a tearful goodbye from Jess the night before (tears were from Jess not me) I was up at 8:00am on the Saturday after a surprisingly good nights sleep. (No snoring from Jess when I'm on my own :) Just Kidding hun). I wander down stairs and say hi to my Mum and Dad as if it was a normal Saturday morning and make myself some toast. My Brother (Bestman) is still sound asleep upstairs probably having a nightmare about making his speech. Poor bloke has never done any speeches or presentations before so he was a little nervous. I well and truly mess his speech up later in the day which you will read about soon!

    After my breakfast I sat in the conservatory basking in the glorious sunshine that we were having, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Dad was reminiscing about past times when I was a wee young lad which was funny and seemed to relax me a little. Not that I was nervous at that point of course. It also made me realise how grateful I was that he wasn't making a speech as that could have been very embarrassing. Once the caveman (brother) woke up and stumbled down the stairs I headed out and started washing my car. A pointless task which I am sure most men do on their wedding day? Bro and I then drove down to the hotel where Jess and I would be staying and dropped off my car so I could drive back the next morning. It's a gorgeous new hotel surrounded by woodlands with a indoor swimming pool/sauna/health club etc etc. None of which we used by the way!

    My Mum and Dad went and picked up the Cake from a friend of ours who is a pro at these things. I asked Mum not to look at it till it was home, well when I opened it I was amazed at how gorgeous the cake looked. It was 3 tiers, with deep red sugar roses, lilies, green leaves, a snow drops (I think that's what they are called??). It was amazing. Once Dad had taken a MILLION photos of the cake we took it to the reception hall. The balloon lady was there decorating the hall with hundreds of pink/burgandy/pearl balloons, and a balloon arch so that was good to get a glimpse of. After what seemed like a thousand trips backwards and forwards taking stuff to the hall everything was sorted. Time for me to get ready, after all there was only 2 and a half hours to go! :D

    Now at this point our bright blue sky was rapidly becoming fast moving grey clouds with a real gusty wind, not what I had ordered from the weather man. But it was still sunny and there was plenty of time for the weather to pass, right? I attempt to have some food at about 1:00pm but fail miserably as the nerves really start to creep up on me now, my stomach felt like I had 1000 butterflies having a party in my honour! I mean, thanks Mr & Mrs Butterflies but your not helping, not one bit. Anyway, off I trot at 1:30 to get changed. For your information I will be wearing pinstripe charcoal trousers with a black jacket with tails, a white shirt, gold & cream waistcoat with a gold cravat. I hope you all approve, there will be photos coming soon. I'm changed and ready to get married at 2:00pm, we have to be at the church at 2:30pm, as it is only a 5 minute drive I have plenty of time. Or so I thought. I suddenly hear Mum cry out "WHERE'S MY PETTICOAT?". To which we have Me, Dad and my brother running around the house trying to find this bleedin' petticoat. After what seemed like an eternity I found it, it was ummm, hidden under my coat! Whoops. Well you can't blame me for 2 reasons, it was a stupid place to leave it & I'm the Groom, no-one shouts at me today. :)

    Anyway we lock the house up, I get in the car and it absolutely chucks it down with rain, it is pouring down! At this point I feel very down because I want it to be a nice day, I also have sudden hate of English weather. However we are on our way at last. We arrive at the church at 2:30 and the Video guy is there aswell as the photographer, it's time to get my smile on :D The church bells were ringing and my friend from work was already there which was really nice to see. Myself and Andy (Bro) have our photo's taken for 15-20 mins then I am ushered to go and sit down in the church so all the friends and family can start to settle. With 5 minutes to go my Mum mentions that Jess has arrived early, at this point my nerves disappear and a huge grin replaces it. The minutes count down and the music starts, 15 seconds into the music I realise I should be standing at this point. I look at the Organist and listen to the music and it all became very emotional, the vicar passed me on my left and I stepped out behind him and walked to the front. Now I can look.....

    I turned my head to see Jess and she looked absolutely stunning, I was overwhelmed. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from shedding a tear. Her dress had a very very faint hint of pink in it with roses on the shoulders, and pearls around the front - Gorgeous. I was so proud. The service whizzed pass and we were officially pronounced Husband and Wife. :D We practically ran down the isle, I was actually trying not to fall over the dress as it was rather large. (No not you Jess, I mean the dress)

    We have all our photos taken in glorious sunshine, if a little windy, and then it started to rain. So we continued with the photos at the hall. I won't go on about the evening because this is running on waaaay to much but it was a superb party, great fun. Our first dance was to "From This Moment" by Shania Twain.

    Oh and before I forget, My brother's speech was great but he had to wing it for the most part. Mum had relied upon my speech as I showed her before the day so Andy could prepare his and they would link. Well I forgot this and when I stood up I said that I wouldn't read from my speech...! Oops, and inevitably I forgot some parts of it which were essential to his speech! Oh well it was good all the same....

    Well that's it...the happiest day of my life so far....Next.....


    Stay Tuned,
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    Mar 6, 2002
    {sniff} Now you've made me cry!
    (I always cry at weddings!)
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    Mar 1, 2002
    Great report Dave, brought back memories of my own wedding.

    I missed these first time round so thanks for posting them again.

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