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Feb 4, 2000
okie who else is like me and never gets a date to anything?!?! :(

I've never been asked on a date
I've never had a date to homecoming
I've never been asked to prom
to get techincal...I've never had a boyfriend that has gone to my high school!

so anyone have better luck than me? or have the same? or what's the deal?
i feel you Jules... i have my first high school boyfriend in 11th grade (he didn't even go to my school). He was my date to my ASB ball but before that.. i have never been asked to HC or ASB ball. I allways hung out with guys, but i was more like the cool next door neighbor girl not the i wanna go out with you girl.

Its all gonna change now though :):););)
omg I so know what ur talkin a/b Jules. I have never been asked on a date well not really nor have i had a bf. havnt been asked to HC or prom either:( wheres the love??
well, the social scene here is very different from in the states. we go out in groups a lot. when you want to go out at night you call up a bunch of your friends. dating isnt as big a deal here as it is in the states.:cool:
that said, ive been asked out a couple of times, but i didnt want to go out with the guys who asked me out.
i had a boyfriend, but it was more like a summer fling than the real thing....:rolleyes:

I so thought this thread was going to be about those sticky fruity things you always eat at Christmas :rolleyes:

I don't like the pips, they should sell seed-free dates.
i dont mind the pitt. you know wut you should try (if we're already on the subject of suzis kind of dates...)? frozen dates. you stick them in the freezer. theyre sooooooo good!
Frozen dates?? They sound sooo good :teeth:

(Change the subject? Me? Never...... :rolleyes: )

Jules thats me I think I scare off guys..hehe. Cuz Im one CRRAAZZYY I feel your pain.
yup the same with me too. But I am only 14. We dont really go out on dates yet its more like "going out". MY school isnt really big on "going out" and "dates".
I never had a boyfriend until I was 15!

Then my best friend asked me out...and we went out for two years.

We just broke up two weeks ago..he's going to college...and I'm extremely depressed. I love him more than I love myself, I'd do anything for him. I miss him and I honestly can't see myself with anyone else. Its hard...

It's better to have loved and lost? HA it just makes it worse...

"Sometimes in my darkest thoughts I wish I never learned what it is to be in love, and have that love returned"-Aida.
I've never been on a date either.:( And I've never had a real boyfriend.:( I have the worst luck with guys...there have been guys who like me, but I don't like them, and the guys I do like say that they would never go out w/ me. And then there was one guy who I started liking after he stopped liking me...and now he's been arrested like 4 times or something and I feel like an idiot for liking such a loser...if you really want to know all the wonderful details let me know.:rolleyes:

anyway! This year if no one asks me to homecoming I might go w/ this guy who has a crush on me, because we're really good friends. at least that way I'll have a date.
hehe i hve never had that much trouble w/guys so i guess i should help jules out right?? lol i will!!! but i have had trouble w/guys lately....oh well
I feel all your pain. I've hooked up with guys but still havent had a real boyfriend :(...My friend Anthony says I'm not just some girl guys can forget about after doing stuff so I guess that's a compliment lol! Anyway I know how you all feel...if I was eighteen I'd have had numurous boy friends by now, cuz the guys I like are all like 21 and im 15!! No chance there lol

<3 alwayz

I didn't have a date to any of my galas.
I didn't have a date to sophomore prom.
Junior prom my date was last minute and I would have been better off going alone.
I have never actually been asked out on a real date.
Two of my ex's I never went out with.
One of my ex's just never asked me out on a date. Yeah we got together but we didnt go out to dinner or to a movie.
I didn't have my first boyfriend until december of my junior year.
I better have a date to my senior prom...actually I already have an idea who i want to go with.
well I know who I want now...I just gotta get him! :p

but I'm going to get a date for homecoming this year...I HAVE to!

I'm pretty crazy myself :crazy:
I think it's our disneyness..! :(
I've been on dates and all that......but because of a certain ex (and other jerks), I'm now afraid of dating and getting emotionally hurt. (some of you know all about that :( :rolleyes: )
Originally posted by BabyLove99
but because of a certain ex (and other jerks), I'm now afraid of dating and getting emotionally hurt. (some of you know all about that :( :rolleyes: )
That is exactly how I am right now Marissa.
All boys suck..ok..they can deny it all they want and promise they wont hurt you..but they all want one thing.......
oh yes!

I've heard-
I will never leave you
I wouldn't want to hurt you

that is all the biggest load of BS ON this earth! :mad: :mad:


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