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May 8, 2007
We're going to be at WDW in September during fee dining with my mom, who is not truly a vegetarian, but doesn't eat much meat. She doesn't touch beef, and although she will sometimes eat fish and chicken, she usually orders vegetarian options. She is also a really picky eater, and she likes to eat many small meals a day.

She doesn't generally have problems at the nicer TS restaurants, but she is really worried about the CS options she'll have for lunch. We'll be in the parks for a week, staying at the Boardwalk, if it matters. What would you recommend in each of the four parks, or around the Boardwalk area, for a light, but picky eater? (Quality is WAY more important than quantity here.)

The catch, of course, is that DH likes/needs rather large meals preferably with a major slab of protein, and we would rather not wait in multiple lines!
in mk they have a really good sandwich that is made with hummus and some type of coleslaw. I would definately recommend that. It's at columbia harbor house.

in epcot they have a sandwich at the land pavilion called a vegetarian cuban. It's good, roasted veggies with cheese and some sort of mustard. I think they also have a vegetarian platter in morrocco.

In the animal kingdom I'm sure she'll find some stuff, they have a pizza restaurant, and also at the tusker house they have a vegetarian pita sandwich that my boyfriend and I really liked, though others on the board have had complaints about it. We tried it 2x on our last trip (last september) and both times it was enjoyable.

MGM is the hardest, I had a wrap at the commissary that was not bad but I've also heard people say they are terrible, so I don't know, Maybe I just like bad food? :confused3

I hope those help. Also if she likes many small meals maybe she could just get a lot of snacks or something. There is tons of stuff to snack on throughout disney world ;)

Have fun!
Go to allears.net dining section, along the left hand side there is an option to see info on vegetarians at WDW, should be helpful. They indicate vegetarian chili, veggie burgers, etc. available in various places at WDW.
Disney seems to have very good veggie options at most places. I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm picky about beef and don't like much of anything that is fried or in the least bit greasy, so that rules out a lot of typical CS meals, and I've never had a hard time finding things I like.

At MK, I liked the sandwiches at Columbia Harbour House (I orded the veggie option, my mom ordered the tuna & we swapped halves so we got to try both).

At MGM, we went to Toy Story Pizza Planet and I had a Greek salad which was good, but take that for what it is worth - I don't think I've ever had a Greek salad I didn't like! They also have combo meals with a cheese or veggie pizza & a garden salad, and we found their combos to be big enough to share. DH & DS were fine with one meal between them.

At AK, the BBQ chicken salad at Flame Tree was pretty good. Not the best I've ever had, but fairly yummy and nicely cool and better than any hot meal would have been on a 98* afternoon.

I can't recommend anything at Epcot from personal experience. We snacked around the world because we were there for Food & Wine Festival, so I didn't try any counter service. The menu for Sunshine Seasons looks really good though, with lots of less conventional CS offerings. And I'm really looking forward to a cheese plate & cheese cake lunch from the bakery in France on our next trip! :)

I liked the veggie wrap at ABC Commissary in MGM.
I would also recommend Seasons in the Land pavillion at Epcot for several options, or Morocco (as someone already noted).


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