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    Apr 11, 2009
    I've never been to WDW before so I'm just trying to figure out the most cost effecient way to handle the DDP and CRT....

    With my ressie, I am able to have 6TS meals. I have 6 and then on top of it, I paid OOP for a CRT ADR. Disney already charged my credit card for the CRT ressie, so I assume that I am all set for that. Would it save me more money to just use 2TS credits for this meal and have them put the money back on my card when I show up for the ADR? And then pay OOP for 2 other meals that aren't as expensive? Or would the saving be very minimal and not worth the hassle of having them put the money back on my card?
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    Apr 5, 2006
    It would depend on which CRT meal your doing, and it depends on your meal structure.

    CRT Breakfast - $47.23 = $23.61 value per credit
    CRT Lunch - $50.96 = $25.48 value per credit
    CRT Dinner - $57.19 = $28.59 value per credit

    Would the meals that you're paying OOP for be less than the value per credit for each adult?

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