Crowds? What are crowds? ;) Day Two

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by CJK, Sep 24, 2002.

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    Feb 5, 2001
    Wow! What freedom you have with Annual Passes! We felt no need to get up at the crack of dawn to get to the parks. We had the luxury of time. We slept in and decided to go to the Animal Kingdom. I was very curious to find out what the Primeval Whirl was like. Did it live up to its nickname of Primeval Hurl??? Dh has SEVERE motion sickness so I was worried how he would take it. Well, after chatting up a very friendly cast member, we got on the ride. We proceded to laugh and giggle until the very end. What a cute little ride! It may not be a traditional "Disney ride", but it was fun just the same. I thought it would be simple from the look of it, but it sure whips you around those corners! Dh felt a little queezy afterwards, but not too bad! Next was the Dumbo-type ride just across from PW. Cute ride. Glad we did it, but I think it's likely more fun for little ones.

    We decided to check out Dinosaur next. It was a fun ride, but jerkier than I remembered. We had a fun group with us in our time machine so we enjoyed hearing their reactions! We just had to do ITTBAB next. I just love to slowly walk into the show and explore all the carvings on the tree. It's amazing to me. I always find some new carvings to see on each trip. The show was as good as ever. I love the last little surprise of the show that happens under your feet! The squeals from the crowd is hilarious.

    We had never seen the Tarzan show so we decided to catch it on this trip. While it's not one of our favourites, we really liked it. We felt there was so much to look at on stage, that we would try to catch it again on another visit. We then made a bee-line to Asia for the water ride (what's it called again??). We got positively soaked and for once, didn't even mind. It was a hot day! Lastly, we did our favourite thing in WDW - the Festival of the Lion King. I get goosebumps just walking into the theatre. We laughed, we cried - and I fantasized about being in the show. Even just for one day I'd love to do it! Please Mr. Eisner? :) :D ;)

    We decided to go back to the hotel for a quick swim. Again, this is something we've never done before because we're usually commando style!! We then went to the Magic Kingdom. I kid you not when I tell you we did the following in 2&1/2 hours. We did Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, TTA, raceway, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, IASW, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Pirates. Woo! As I write this, it sure seems like a lot, but when you just walk on the rides, it was so simple! There is something truely magical about the Magic Kingdom. I've been on most of these rides, many, many times - but I love them just the same. The Haunted Mansion was down for refurbishment, but it was set to open on the last day of our trip. Fingers were crossed! As an added element, we started searching for Hidden Mickey's. We found a few on Splash Mountain and you'd think we hit the jackpot! LOL

    Since MK closed at 6, we decided to go to MGM for Fantasmic. When we got there, we had some spare time, so we decided to go to the hat and try out the kiosks we had heard about. Proudly, we managed to get every question correct. We then went into One Man's Life. Wow, Walt was sure a visionary wasn't he? There's so much to see in there that I'm not sure if we saw it all. What a special man he was and I couldn't help but wonder what he'd think of the Disney company today? Hmmmm. We went to wait in line for Fantasmic when a CM came out to say the show was cancelled due to technical difficulities. Maybe it was for the best. We were tired and there was always another night. We went back to the hotel for another swim and then it was lights out. I seem to sleep better in WDW. Pixie dust maybe? ;)
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    Isn't One Man's Dream just great - a great day all around - thanks for posting!
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    Mar 20, 2002
    :D What a fun day! I am working on convincing dh that annual passes would be our best option for the next trip since we would like to stay for two weeks. That way, I know I can talk him into another trip right before they expire ;) .

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