CRO Phone Number, Please


Earning My Ears
Mar 5, 2001
Was trying to find a phone number for CRO but can't seem to find it (obviously looking in the wrong places). Could someone help me out please? Is this where you call to make resort ressies or for other activities, as well? Thanks for your help!!
I used the (800) 828-0228, it seemed to work fine. I don't think this is a DC number.
Have fun!

88 - FW
92 - Offsite (Holiday Inn Main Gate East)
93 - Dixie Landings
96 - CBR
97 - All Star Sports (Basketball)
98 - All Star Sports (Surfing)
99 - Disneyland!!!
99 - All Star Music (Calypso)
00 - All Star Movies (Love Bug)
I always use 407-W-DISNEY. Its always worked for me. The longest I think I have sat on hold is a couple of minutes.


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