Coupon for $10 off Airtran


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Dec 3, 2004

Air Tran was bought by southwest. and airtran will not exist after a while while the companies merge. I advise you to figure out how much longer airtran will operate as airtran!
Why? It will be a couple YEARS before changes happen, not MONTHS.

Use the coupons. Save $.
Everyone here is quite aware & no reason to worry. It won't happen by November 18th!

Thanks Shelly F Ohio - booking today & every $10 helps!
The merger is already affecting Dallas! The last AirTran flight into or out of DFW is Nov 21st.:mad:

Of course this coupon is only good for travel through Nov 18th though, so is usable, but changes for people who fly out of DFW is happening in the next few months, not years. Due to the Wright amendment, Southwest planes can't fly out of DFW unless they're willing to give up slots at Lovefield, which they aren't. As of Nov 22nd Air Tran won't be flying out of Dallas.


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Mar 11, 2011
I used the Little Debbie/Air Tran promo code today to get a free seat assignment. Would have cost $6, but it the code gives you $10 off, so it was totally free. :banana: I think it expires Aug. 31, 2011, so hurry. (I found it on retailmenot)


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May 17, 2006
I hope they come out with a similar deal once this one expires. I could definitely use some coupons on my January airfare! :thumbsup2