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    KYMSRX I don't know if I want to go to Disneyland for my

    Jan 28, 2010
    I am taking my kids to Disneyland this year for Trick or Treating in Disneyland. Since we are flying and I am trying to be mindful of what we are packing in the limited number of suitcases I want to pay for, I have decided that maybe I can make matching costumes for everyone. So here is the idea... We all go as part of a deck of cards, all suited in spades.. I was thinking with a star wars disney theme. I was hoping I could get some help from a creative DISigner out there that had images for the following characters:

    Darth Goofy - for the King of Spades
    Queen Amidala Minnie - for the Queen of Spades
    Yoda Stitch - for the Ace of Spades
    Jedi Mickey - for the Jack of Spades
    Donald as Han Solo - for the Joker
    Princess Minnie Leia - for the 10 of spades
    Stormtrooper with mickey ears - for the 9 of spades
    Chip and Dale Ewoks - for the 8 of spades
    R2D2 or similar with mickey ear - for the 7 of spades

    The card value and suit can be in the upper left and upside down in the lower right, with the image for the specific card in the middle. I will enlarge them and iron them on to a large pillow case and insert rolled foam to keep the top rigid.

    I think this idea will work, and my kids love star wars, and this will cover all of us going trick or treating at Disneyland for costumes.

    I was trying to do this myself, but I am not able to find the images for the characters, without other things/characters in the picture. Please let me know if you are able to help me out.

    We are leaving in Sept 30th, so I would like to start making these as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.


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