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    Sep 12, 2012
    A few questions about having a cookout in Ft Wilderness.
    First, we have about 8 Cabins that are suppose to be in the same loop (hopefully all next to each other), so I'm not too worried about the space issue. We are looking at about 50 people for an afternoon bbq. My plan is to just pick people up at the parking lot (the ones that aren't staying in Ft Wilderness) with golf carts.

    I know I've seen the Boy Scouts have huge cookouts in the tent loops, but I don't know about the Cabin loops. I don't want to create any type of problem for other people who are paying good money to stay in the Cabins. I'm hopeful that since it is during the day, other guests will be at a park. Does anyone see any problems I might run into

    We are planning on grilling all the meats there, but I would like to pick up some sides somewhere. Sonny's is too far away, does anyone know of a decent place to get large portions of catered sides maybe just outside of Disney.

    Thanks for the help
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    May 6, 2008
    I would ask Disney, I believe there is a pavilion near the Meadows that you could use. You could also work with Disney Trail's End takeout for large sides. They have classic bbq style sides on the buffet. I would NOT just try to do it without discussing it. You don't want to risk anything, since you will have offsite guests there.
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    :thumbsup2 I 2nd this about working with Disney with a group that large. I don't think there is any place within the cabin area to gather that many people without a huge disruption to others. I'm sure this situation has come up before and they would work with you. pixiedust: to you!

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