Congrats to our own Who Wants to Be A Millionnaire Winner!! By Cherry

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    Apr 23, 2000
    Subject: Congrats to our own Who Wants to Be A Millionnaire Winner!!
    Author: Cherry
    Date Posted: 04-24-01
    Congratulations to our own patbscrooge for making it to the hotseat at MGM on the new Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire -- and on answering questions through the 32,000 pointer! That means she won a WWTBAM lanyard, shirt, hat AND 10 BEAUTIFUL PINS! I got to see all those great pins when we met after work today for our own little mini pin meet. These are pins she can really be proud of -- the way I understand it she attended the show 7 times before making it to the hotseat, and I couldn't believe how hard the questions were that she had to answer.

    Pat is one of the nicest people and most generous traders that I know. I am so excited for her -- and so proud to have a winner right here on the board!!

    Cherry/Member Pin Survivor Cheerleading Squad


    Subject: Way to go Pat!
    Author: JamesD
    Date Posted: 04-24-01
    Great job, Pat. Linda and I are going to try our hand at getting in the hotseat during our trip to WDW next week. Sure hope we are as successful as you were. Congratulations!

    Next VWL/AKL Trip: Apr. 29-May 6, 2001
    Next OKW/DIS Conv. Trip: Nov. 25-Dec. 3, 2001
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    Subject: Congrats Pat
    Author: suzanneb
    Date Posted: 04-25-01
    I actually got there too...the pins, cap and polo are cool...especially the I need to get back to the hot seat (if they allow that), and earn the REST of the pins...LOL


    Subject: Congratulations Patb and Suzanneb!
    Author: jojo_ct
    Date Posted: 04-25-01
    I just got to meet Pat at WDW on the 14th. I wish I had been with her at WWTBAM. How great to know someone who won. Leighton filled me in on suzanneb's success. Maybe if I change my name to jojob I'll win some pins!!
    M * I * C * K * E * Y forever

    Author: Parkhopper
    Date Posted: 04-26-01
    Congratulations Pat! It is a thrilling feeling to get to the hot seat and the pins are a great bonus too!

    Author: dvcreg
    Date Posted: 04-26-01
    Wow! How exciting!

    You have to tell us all about it. What types of questions you answered, what pins they gave you.

    Inquiring minds want to know. :D


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    Subject: Million Point Dreams (long)
    Author: patbscrooge
    Date Posted: 04-27-01
    I'm creeping out of the shadows to post about my Millionaire experience. Put simply.... well there is no way to put it simply. My DH and I had attended about 7 shows over the weekend, both playing along, me hoping/afraid I would win and be in the hot seat; him praying he wouldn't. Our last night at the World, we had just sat through the 8:15 show; there were two more remaining before the park closed for the evening. He went back to the hotel and I braved it alone. Had to go standby and wasn't sure I'd make it in, but I did. Sat way up high, seat number 225. I love the way the stage crew hustles around so busily getting ready for the "show". When they bring in the flowers for Regis, I grin. When they whip the covers off the chairs, I applaud. I even laugh at the preshow tape with Regis. Get the idea? I am a sucker for this stuff. Finally, the "Regis host" is introduced - it's Michael. The fastest finger question goes up and it looks like this:

    Put these bodies of water in order beginning with the smallest:

    a Caspian Sea b Lake Wha Wha Wha
    c Lake Who Who Who d I can't even concentrate
    at this point

    Or it may have been beginning with the largest - I don't remember!! The crowd groans cause this is NOT an easy question. I punched four buttons, any buttons, I know they had letters on them but I don't remember what order I hit. They show the answer and omigosh I got it right. The top ten quickest people are listed by seat number from the bottom up with a hesitation before the winner flashes up there. The winner is revealed; I can't see because of the glare on the board from all those lights up high. The lady next to me says "It's you!". I jump up and yell "Me?" I have to go down the steps to the stage and I'm wondering "What will I do with my purse? I don't have anyone to watch it!!" And this inner voice is saying "Just win some points and don't embarass yourself." I decide to hand the purse off to a crew member at the bottom of the steps and as I switch it from my left to right hand, I miss a step and almost fall on my uh face. OK, so much for no embarassment, I have no way to go but up. A crew member in black meets me at the bottom of the steps, shakes my hand and asks my name. He takes me by the shoulders, turns me around and there's Michael/Regis with this awful light glaring over his shoulders right into my eyes. He shakes my hand, asks my name and where I'm from. I mumble the answers. I get seated in the HOT SEAT and the real terror begins.

    I have to stop here to tell you all that the only comparision to the events so far, and it is truly a fair comparision, is a scene from "A Christmas Story". You know, the one where Ralphie wants the Red Ryder BB Gun....He and his brother are seeing Santa Claus at the department store and they pick his brother up, turn him around and put him on Santa's lap. Everybody and everything around him is a great big whirl. That's exactly how it felt. If you've seen the movie, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I thought I was gonna faint.

    On with the quest for Millionaire pins. We had seen a number of people in the hot seat over the last couple of days and for the most part, they were usually composed and fairly calm (or terrified) but quiet. Not me. I was a nervous wreck and a real tourist act. I laughed, I clapped, I moaned. The audience got behind me real quick after Michael/Regis asked me who I had in the audience to support me and I told him no one because my DH had gone back to the hotel. Or maybe they just felt sorry for me since I almost killed myself trying to fall down the stairs. No matter, they were behind me and that really helps.

    Here's a sample of the types of questions I had, not necessarily in order:

    Which of the following is not a land in the Magic Kingdom? (the answer was VERY obvious)

    Where do the Ducks in Duck Tales live?

    One early question had to do with the Power Puff Girls - where were they created. I had to ask the audience. Survey says: C in a laboratory. I went with it and they were right, thanks guys.

    A question had to do with another name for the lower jaw - mandible was correct.

    What year did the Wright Brothers make their first flight? I knew it was in the early 1900's but 3 of the answers are fairly close, so I did 50/50. It left 1899 and 1903 so I went with 1903 and got that one right. I think this may have been the 1000 point question.

    There was a question about a whirling, twirling Italian Wedding dance. Two answers were easy to eliminate and I guessed on this one and got it right (all I remember now is that the answer was B).

    Who is the head of Apple? Steve Jobs. A private joke to share with my DH when I see him, since I am a Macintosh fanatic and he is loyal to Big Blue.

    The 32,000 point question was which of the follwing is used to measure angles:

    abacus, French curve, compass or protractor.

    Now I KNOW it's a protractor, but my brain was oatmeal at this point. All I wanted was to get this question right and get on with my life. So I phoned a complete stranger. They agreed that it was protractor and through the kindness of a stranger I reached the 32,000 point plateau. I can leave with my dignity intact and pins in my hand.

    There were a couple more questions before and after the 32,000 point one but I can't remember. I think I missed on the 125,000 point question - In horticulture, what crop would a vitniculurist (excuse the spelling) grow? If I had taken time to reason it out, I would have know it is grapes, but the oatmeal was getting really thinned out now and I said figs and got booted out of the chair. Whew! What a relief, no disappointment here!

    They whisked me off backstage and gave me my loot. I signed the receipt and release and was on my way back to the hotel in nothing flat. People congratulated me all the way out of the park. It was so cool. The biggest satisfaction was dumping all that stuff out on the bed when my DH asked if I "got in to see the show".

    Just an aside to mention how supportive the CM's at the show are. I'm a pretty shy kind of Scroogey Duck and I never felt anything but support and encouragement coming from everyone on the set. So if any of you Disney CM's are reading this - Thanks! You all are what makes it so special for us Disney fanatics.

    Would I do it again? You betcha. I'll be punching those buttons once more on my next trip.

    Thanks to all of you who have followed this to the end, I know it was long and I hope some of the enjoyment I got out of my adventure has been passed along.

    Creeping back into the shadows........


  2. patbscrooge

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    Oct 26, 1999
    Just thought I'd try to move this up a bit - kinda got lost in the move. Who else has Millionaire experiences to share?? Let's hear those stories; what did you go through to get those pins!!??

  3. BeautyLLM

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    Feb 16, 2000
    OMG Pat!!! How fun and exciting!!! I smiled and laughed all the way through your description of the game! I just returned from a cruise and played a gameshow on stage with the glaring lights and a buzzer etc. I was shaking like a leaf, kept hoping I didn't have some thing stuck between my two front teeth and felt like the whole game was in a foreign language. But I won, and when I got back to my seat the first thing I said to DH was ..."I can't wait to play WWTBAM at WDW in July!!"

    Thanks for sharing your story and congrats!!!

  4. suzanneb

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    Mar 7, 2000
    I got to the hot seat 3 times (of course I spent most of three days doing this attraction)...can you say obsession? LOL LOL
    Anyway I have two sets of pins up to 32K, and would be willing to trade one (10 pins) as a set if anyone is interested! Also have one set of 5 pins (to 1000) for trade.
    First time I made it to 64,000,but blew 125K question...I had always thought "metaphysics" meant "otherworldly or mystical" I'm sure a number of you know, it means philosophy based on reality and nature..oh well..
    Next time I was in the hot seat, I gambled at 16,000 when my "phone a stranger" gave me a credible answer (same one I was thinking LOL) for first band Bruce Springsteen was in...I'd never heard of "Dr. Doom and...." Oh well.
    The third time I got in the hot seat I answered correctly that the branch of philosophy with "unexplainable" situations was mysticism...not metaphysics (another choice LOL). I missed the 125K question about how long a "pace" was...I wasn't sure if it was a "baby step" or a "giant step" and I guessed baby step and was wrong...but I had a supertime...can't wait to try again to get the remaining five pins...LOL! :bounce: :pinkbounc

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