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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by melgrek, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. melgrek

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    Aug 27, 2001
    Planning a trip in Dec. booked Riverside Ap rate, but having second thoughts. Price wise I should stay there but........I'm thinking YC. Never been to boardwalk, and I thought Xmas decorations would be beautiful. Now my son wants AKL. Any suggestions? Should I save the$$$$ The parks close early in the beginning of Dec so what can you do @ night? Help. Thank you
  2. dandave

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    Oct 20, 2000
    Hi! We stayed at the BWV last December. The Epcot resorts are perfect in the slow season IMHO, because WS doesn't (or didn't) close
    till around 9p.m. We almost always seemed to be at the MK till it closed, then we would either bus it back to the resort for a break or monorail over to Epcot. There we would have supper. It was fantastic to be able to take our time, knowing that we didn't have to watch the clock for the monorail or bus. We would just walk back to our resort at our own pace. Also, there seemed to be a great deal to see and do on the Boardwalk. There were performers and there was even a concert of carolers on the BW lawn.
    Neither DH nor I wear watches, so this was just perfect for us. We enjoyed so much by being able to just walk back to our rooms whenever we felt like it. There was always something fun to see and do, and we didn't even notice that the parks were closed earlier than the summer months.
    The AKL is fantastic, also. Sitting on the balcony in the evenings looking out over the Savannah is very peaceful. Still, my boys enjoyed the BW area more, because there was always something to keep them entertained.
    Have fun wherever you decide to stay!:D

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