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May 29, 2000
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PBH ~ July 2000
HRH ~ February 2001
HRH ~ March 2001
PBH ~ April 2001

Having stayed at the PBH again and had my memory refreshed, I can now make a good comparison of the two hotels. I'm just discussing differences that matter to me, this is not meant to be all encompassing reviews of either hotels, just advantages of one hotel over the other.

HRH advantages:

1) Possibility of lower price
2) I prefer HRH's self parking location relative to both the hotel and park. I just don't like PBH's garage.
3) Easy to just walk to the parks instead of having to wait for a boat.
4) Better pool area.
5) Seperate vanity area from bathroom (BUT, see 2 below, the HRH bathroom is *very* cramped).

PBH advantages:

1) For the basic garden view room, the room is noticeably bigger.
2) Much bigger bathroom (but see 5 above).
3) Better selection of onsite restraunts/stores/services
4) The air conditioning units in the PBH rooms are *much* better than the HRH's. The HRH AC units having a "running water" sound to them that absolutely annoys me, plus their controls cycle them on/off continuously it seems. This really distracted me when I was sleeping. This is one that absolutely drives me nuts, and unless the HRH fixes it, I will probably opt for the PBH over the HRH in the future.
5) Doesn't matter to me, but I'll put it out there, they have three pools, so if you want a "quiet" pool that is possible
I have stayed at both HRH and PBH. I agree with most of the things, but the AC never bothered me. I must say it was pretty quiet. I usually stay in hotels where the AC is louder than the TV. I usually have to shut off the AC when I sleep because it is so noisy.


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I thought it might have been a problem with my room, but the second room I stayed in at the HRH had the exact same thing, it sounds like a "running water" in the pipes kind of noise everytime the AC kicked on, which is made worse by the fact the AC cycled on and off way too often, which I think is a problem with the controls not being programmed correctly.

The PBH units do not have those problems ...
We have not stayed at the PBH.
We were happy with HRH in spite of the houskeeping issues. Our problem with the AC was I could not figure out how to program it. We wanted it cooler (our BR at home has AC and we like the room cool when we sleep). It kept going up to 72 and I kept trying to get it to about 68, and finally made it 62 to get it to stay at 68??? I prefer the AC that have a dial that says cooler and warmer. More than that is too much for me.
Did PBH have a scale too? That is not a nice addition for a resort room IMHO! ;)

I agree with beckles assessments except for the AC issue. I never noticed anything amiss at HRH -- and I'm a fairly light sleeper. Maybe I just lucked out.

Also, I took to walking from PBH to the parks. It's not really that long a walk and it can be quite pleasant, especially at night.¿

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I knew you'd think I was crazy :)

The first time, my girlfriend didn't notice it until I pointed it out ...

The second time my brother was staying with me, and the next morning I asked him, and he thought it was plumbing noises from someone using the shower/sink/toilet next door ... that's really what it sounds like.


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