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    Jul 16, 2007
    Tried the last 2 I kept for myself. The first was Contemporary (which is apparently the same as Yacht and Beach, and Grand Floridian). It was pleasant enough - kind of vaguely floral, and kind of just "fresh" smelling - hard to find words other than that. But like the others I previously poosted about - not really noticeable sitting pretty close, unless I waved the mist right into my face. And not noticeable at all when I left the apartment, kept it on, and came back a little while later. Have the Haunted in now - I will say it smells MUCH better in the diffuser than it did when I just smelled it in the bottle. I smell pretty much just vanilla, which is fine, but I really don't like that "heavy" of a scent on an ongoing basis, and especially not when the summertime comes. Pleasant enough, and I very FAINTLY smelled it when I left and came back.

    So - all in all - the only scent I liked, and could really smell without sniffing the mist on purpose was the Banshee Flight, and I also smelled it going out/coming back. But didn't really like it enough to say "Oooh - I want to smell this on an ongoing basis" once the bottle is gone. The others - even the ones I liked - are too faint and fleeting for me to want to spend any more future money on. And the diffuser not cycling through all the colors is a disappointment, even though I've come to deal with it.

    So - this has personally been a very "no so much" experience for me, but I'm glad I did it, and am happy I was able to gift my 2nd diffuser (which apparently works fine) and 4 scents to somebody, and make them happy. Hope you all have great experiences, and would love to hear about them, if you'd like to share!

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