Clarion Universal Hotel.... anyone??


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Jul 6, 2001
I promise this is my LAST post about hotels. LOL :p

We make a reservation for the Clarion Universal. Anybody stayed there?? Or been there?? Is it clean??

Thanks!! :)
It's in the hotel discounts section on this page, so it has to be good. Honestly, if I were arriving at 3 am, I'd just try to find a $20 hotel on Priceline. The room won't matter much since you will be sleeping most of the time. :)
Actually our plans changed a little bit... we are arriving really late the first night, but we decided to stay two nights before heading to Disney. ;) So the hotel is a little more important now. :)
we stayed there one night before checking into the HRH. We were worn out and really only needed a good bed to sleep in. We were only there from around 11 pm until 7 am. It was nice and clean and the beds were comfortable.


Did you change your mind on the universal inn, cause we are kinda of in the same boat, so I am reading and watching what others do before I decide. Do you think the clarion is better.

From what I've read it seems that the Clarion is better. We cancelled our reservations at the Universal Inn yesterday... I just didn't want to risk being upset and having a dirty room.

I think the Clarion will be fine. It's just dh and I (no kids this trip) so we will only be crashing in the room after a loooooong fun night at City Walk! ;) We tried to get HRH but it wasn't available... and I wasn't surprised since it's a holiday.

I'll post my report when we get back next week. ;)


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