Chico's trip Part 14 - Day 7 - Epcot in the PM (Post Margarita)


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Aug 28, 2003
Part 14 – Friday, December 12, 2003

Sorry about the lag between reports - I put my back out last week, and am finally on the mend. Could have used a few of those Mexican favorites!

So it’s just after 11:00, we’ve entered the Norway pavilion with our special Epcot-antidotes in hand, and we’re set to ride Maelstrom. Everyone is up for a chance to scare the trolls during the ride – especially DS who is seemingly in better spirits by now.

Is he actually in better spirits, or is it because of our “Mexican-flavoured spirits” that all is running more smoothly? Hmmmmm…

Whichever, things feel more relaxed and subdued now.

Until DS realizes we’re in a boat-like ride, with a short drop or two, (backwards no less) and suddenly his fears from Mk and Splash Mountain creep back into reality.

He’s tense – not on the verge of tears frightened – but nervously cautious. We try to reassure him it’s okay, and that he’ll enjoy the “slide” as we’ve started to call these types of rides since at home he is a slide-freak, and never spooked by their height.

Before he knows it the ride is over – we’ve escaped from the trolls, and we’re sitting down to watch the 5-minute movie about life in Norway.

This is our first taste of 1982 vintage Epcot movies. I’m sure life in Norway has picked up a bit since this film was shot, no? It makes me wonder what’s in store for us at the Canadian pavilion…:)

All in all it was a better 2nd half start than earlier. I’d highly recommend the Norway pavilion to those traveling with kids – not because it’s a fantastic experience – but because it’s a chance to sit, rest a while, and Maelstrom is a “ride”. It helps to take the edge off the educational component of everything else for a bit.

We’re conscious of the time we have until meeting Richard and daughter Thea at Morocco for 12:00, so we pass China, but admire the scale buildings and wonderful landscaping that Disney does so well. We take some pictures of the area and Epcot in general as we regain our sense of adventure and inner-peace.

DS who as I’ve hinted, is a big Lilo and Stitch fan, and loves the TV show and its premise of the other 625 “alien experiments” being let loose on Earth, and the pods “hatching” when exposed to water, takes the time today to notice small berries on the ground. He’s calling them the pods, and playing with them on the ground by pouring water from the water-bottle on them in hopes of activating them.

Ah the innocence of youth…

We admire the miniature train garden in Germany, and DW and Auntie K stop off in Italy to look around. Now I should have known better than to let them loose here, as DW has an Italian fetish of sorts – loves the language, the clothes, the jewellery, etc. But what could I do?

Ds and I stroll into the courtyard to wait for them and again I’m struck by the detailing and charm of the buildings; one could easily imagine that they were actually in Venice. We wait some more, DS happy to be able to sit and relax, and not be subjected to anymore “water-themed rides.” I’m content with my Margarita and the fact that it’s nice and sunny out today.

DW and Auntie K haven’t appeared yet and I’m concerned that the trip finances have taken a huge hit here today. So DS and I venture back inside to the scene of the crime, but we can’t find them.

Is this a recurring theme?

Please not another Living Seas…

Okay so we’ll venture a little further out along the pathway around the lagoon, keeping the Italian pavilion in sight. We don’t see them on the walkways anywhere, and backtrack a bit in case they spotted something else.

Phone Rings…

“Hi!” It’s DW. “ Where are you?”

"Italy." I reply cautiously, as this isn’t really what you want to be asked from the people you’ve been trying to find. "Why?"

“We’re here in Morocco with Richard…”


So Ds and I pick up the pace and stroll down to Morocco to meet up with Richard and Thea and the two Italian-fleeing members of my family…

We check in at the Restaurant Marrakesh and get seated – it’s not busy at all. Our server fills us in on the specials, and pays extra attention to the youngest member of our lunch party, Thea, and her big, wide, dark eyes. We order, and visit, catching up on the details of our last days events, and Richard’s other daughter’s illness that has kept her and Richard’s wife from attending this morning. A touch of the flu, it turns out, likely teamed up with a good dose of tiredness.

While we wait for our entrees, some musicians begin to play, and a belly-dancer appears and begins to shake things up a little!

DS is very intrigued…:rolleyes:

DW notices his interest in this dark-haired beauty, and shakes her head (he’s been a ladies man since day one this boy, why should today be any different!)

Our server returns, and upon noticing how intrigued Thea is with the entertainment, as she is dancing in her high-chair, asks if she’d like to get closer and watch – Richard watches in amazement as his youngest daughter, who won’t go to anybody other than him or mom, willingly takes her hand and walks with her to get closer to the action.

I think DS might have been jealous…:)

The belly dancer sees Thea participating in the show, and comes closer to dance with her. Of course as Richard realizes what's happening and tries to get a picture of the once-in-a-lifetime Disney World memory, Thea sees him and retreats to the safety of dad’s arms.

Oh well, we didn’t get the picture, but we’ve got the memory…

Lunch was delicious. Traditional chicken Shish-kabobs and rice. Yummm.

After lunch we spy the Genie outside the restaurant – but we’ve met him already so DS sees no point in stopping again – so we make our way through France and into the UK. Richard and Brenda and the girls were here yesterday, so he fills me in on the sights to see, and offers his opinion on details like the origins of Christmas traditions from the UK. DW and Auntie escape into the shops (and try to find a restroom) so we stroll into the UK to read the sign about Father Christmas first hand.

As we’re discussing the tradition of Christmas cards and the British “post”, a booming voice fills the air, calling all those present to join him in learning about Christmas traditions in the UK. It’s Father Christmas himself!

We listen to his spiel and are entertained by his charm and wit.

Our group decides to check out what our “home and native land” has to offer today, and make our way up the road to Canada.

We make our way through the Rockies and into O Canada!

The 360* theatre experience is quite well done; although I’d prefer to sit not stand, but that wouldn’t work too well for the visuals now would it?

Can we get a more recent look at Canadian life please? And who chose the content of this film? After watching it I’m certain the rest of the world believes we all live either in fishing villages, Toronto and Ottawa, or remote Arctic settlements, where we all use helicopters to corral caribou. What happened to the huge stretch of our country that exists between Toronto and the Rockies?

I’ll get off my soapbox now…

We’d like to catch Honey I shrunk the Audience, so we leave the World Showcase behind and head back into Future World. Richard and Thea go for a stroll and rest while we enter the show. DS was scared by the snake, and the live audience screaming – something we hadn’t experienced at ITTBAB. After experiencing Mickey’s Philharmagic, there’s no comparison. You can feel the age of this attraction in its effects (and its acting…). It’s still very well done, but IMHO is totally outmatched by its newest cousin at MK.

Its almost 2:00, and we’re feeling the wind leaving our sails. We leave Richard and Thea, and Auntie K wants to buy us an ice cream. This is becoming a daily treat – I could get used to this!
As we sit and enjoy the shade, and the ice cream, we decide to call it quits. We’re drained. And we’d like to get back to the room with lots of time to relax before Fantasmic! Tonight.

So we return our stroller, but I’m not looking forward to that walk to the bus stop, so I ask the crew if they’d like to get back to the hotel a different way. They’re up for it, so we board the monorail and head for MK!

None of us has ridden this leg of the monorail before, so it’s a genuine treat! It’s a beautiful sunny day, the best kind for riding the monorail – although as I sit and write this – any day is a good day for riding the monorail!!

We exit at the TTC, since I want to give Auntie K the best experience I can on her first trip to WDW and she hasn’t been on the ferry yet! So we board the :boat: and take the enjoyable ride across the Seven Seas Lagoon over to MK. We couldn’t come this close and not see the castle again!

We bus it back to the hotel by 3:30, where we crash and relax, as DS’s prayers have been answered (and ours too,) as Lilo and Stitch the series is on TV!!! He’s in heaven, and as luck would have it the shows are new!

Afterward we regroup to make it out to the MGM bus stop by 4:40.

A short ride to MGM and we’re in the park and walking directly to Fantasmic! The crowds are picking up for tonight’s show, and we’re glad we came early, as it’s steadily filling up. We’re seated by 5:20, and the wait doesn’t bother us. I was concerned about DS and sitting for a half hour, but I think being able to watch Lilo and Stitch helped center him, and filled a much neglected void. He was a trooper! Couldn’t ask for a better behaved boy to wait with.

WOW! What an amazing show! The effects are spectacular, and fire on water incredibly hot, and the music and theatrics wonderfully done! The boat-load of characters at the end was a treat, especially when DS saw Stitch on the boat! This is not to be missed!

The mass exodus that follows it could be nerve-racking if you got separated from your family – especially with small children – but we had no troubles, and were out of the park by 6:45, and home by 7:10.

We ordered pizza from room service again, and Auntie K was asleep by 8:00!!

We called it a night by 9:30, and drifted off to sleep thinking about Fantasmic!

Tomorrows our last day in the parks…

Link to Part 15


DIS Veteran
Oct 25, 1999
Another great report Chico... I hope you are feeling better, I know personally about back problems and their consequences


DIS Veteran
Mar 23, 2000
Another entertaining report, Chico! I love all the detail you put into your writing! Can't wait to read what you did on your last day!

I hope your back is feeling better! :)


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Jun 19, 2000're excused for taking so long ;) ...I hope your back is better.

I'm really enjoying your reports and hate to see them end...when is your next trip? ;)


Earning My Ears
Feb 1, 2003
Great report!! Felt like I was back at my dream home of DS was also traumatized by the bigger water rides and was only whimpering slightly on Maelstrom :rolleyes:
I agree whole heartedly about the Canada 360 movie. They really need to update it!!! The rest of the world must think we have no fashion sense-or any sense for that matter!

Yzma and Kronk

<font color=darkcoral>I survived the Pie-fest<br><
Oct 19, 2002
Sorry to hear about your back.......I hope you are better :D

Great report......looking forward to the next installment!



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