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    Aug 21, 2005
    just got off the magic yesterday. yesterday morning i went to go check my charges and the day before we were at castaway cay. i ordered one drink i was at the beach so the person probaly had my kttw card a good 15 minutes.
    well i ordered one konk coller that charge was wrong plus they had 24 dollars in beer that i ordered on another charge. i never ordred that beer it took around a half hour to fix the charges the guy at guest services thought i was lying about it. than they had the konk coller at 8.69 which was supposed to be 6.69. the charge was 4.95 for the drink a .74 cent charge for the tip than i gave an extra tip of 1 dollar which comes up to 6.69 the charge was 8.69 on my charges i had guest services pull that up, it had on there that i gave an extra 3 dollars for the tip instead of one dollar. when you put down the tip money i gave one dollar they can easily change the 1 that you wrote to a 3 than the total will be 8.69 instead of 6.69 they can easily change the 6 you wrote to a 8.
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    I was on the transatlantic with you..

    Yes, you should check your charges, as sometimes honest mistakes are made. On our last cruise we were charged 2 x for a Bingo session. Guest services took care of it after checking and verifying the receipts.

    It's good to rememember that the computer programs will only print what is swiped and therefore there is a margin of human error - Likely in your case, your card was accidentally used for someone elses order.

    I found guest services wonderfully helpful and accomodating and more then willing to look into any concerns/questions that i had during all of the 5 past cruises that I was on.

    One of the reason's that we keep coming back is the awesome service that we receive and the fact that we have come to know several of the staff over the last 3 cruises and it feels like we are going home...

    Glad that Disney took care of the charges for you.

    Take care


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