Check my Easter Itinerary please!

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by taraaplin, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. taraaplin

    taraaplin Mouseketeer

    Jan 26, 2013
    We are NOT park hopping. We went with EasyWDW first or second recommended parks for the day. We are staying at pop and also on the QSDP

    To do:
    UP at 630 to make it to parks by 8 especially if emh
    Do big rides first with EMH as parks not near as crowded
    Make sure to get fast passes for most popular rides/shows Early – two hrs upon arrival. They can be distributed within the two hour timeframe.

    March 30 Arrive from airport check in etc by noon.
    Off to Epcot Studios
    Snack upon arrival
    Head Straight for Test Track, Sum of all Thrills, Mission: Space and soaring
    World showcase at 11am water rides Norway and mexico-staying ahead of crowds
    Lunch tangierine café 2ish
    Future world at 5 pm
    Snack tuna sensation in Japan
    Snack Boulangerie
    *Eat Supper Liberty Inn Steak YEAH!
    Visit character Spot after 7 pm
    Illuminations 9 PM

    March 31 Hollywood studios
    Arrive 815 am for a 9 am opening . Wake up at 630 in AM
    1st Toy Story Mania and/or Fastpasses
    2nd Rock and Roller Coaster
    Meet ralph and vanillape be there at 1015 for 1030 arrival
    Tower of Terror
    Star Wars
    Eat @ Starring rolls Café or Fairfax fare for lunch
    Disney Jr. Live on Stage
    Pixar Pals parade at 3
    Cars characters here
    (Possible Wreck it Ralph Characters)
    Dinner Backlot express or
    Fantasmic 830 pm Fireworks

    April 1 Park Animal Kingdom
    Open at 8am be there by 730
    Kilinmanjaro safari first fast pass it!
    Expedition Everest next
    Primeval Whirl
    DINOSAUR (before 1030!!!)
    Finding nemo the musical (Before 1030 arrival!) 11am
    Lunch Flame Tree
    Harambe Snack cinnamon nuts!
    345 jamming jungle parade
    Dinner Chef Mickeys near MK

    April 2nd Park Magic Kingdom
    Early Morning Hours 7am. Show up at 630
    Space mountain First thing!
    ***fill in attractions to suit boys after more research!!!
    Snacks sleepy hollow funnel cake! Near hall of presidents
    Be our Guest for lunch 11
    Dreams Come True Parade at 1230
    Dinner Pecos Bills amazing taco salad
    Snack chili cheese fries pecos bills

    April 3 downtown disney
    **Lunch Wolfgang pucks
    Snack credit Goofy’s candy co
    Cookes of Dublin for supper or Wolfgang again to maximize QSDP

    April 4 extra day added to our vacation! Resort chilling, Disney quest or Magic Kingdom ((WHAT DO YOU GUYS SUGGEST)
    April 5 Return home
  2. ratfam

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    Feb 21, 2005
    Hi, we did Easter at WDW, so I have a few thoughts (although I generally think that your approach is good). We don't do park-hoppers either, but we often try to avoid parks with EMH (even though we stayed on site because of the sites that say they will be more crowded). One thing to be aware of is that the closer we got to arrival the more the hours shifted. In particular, MK ended up opening at something like 7am (or maybe even earlier? I can't remember) for EMH every single day (it had initially been scheduled for EMH every day but more like 8). That pretty much killed our plans for trying for EMH one day, because there was no way we were getting up that early. There were other shifts as well, but without the park hoppers we just decided to make the best of it because we were locked in with our dining and it all worked out fine.

    We also did Easter Sunday at DHS and were there before rope drop (it was a non-EMH day) and it proved to be a good choice, we went to TOT and RNR first and they were both pretty much walk-ons (I think more of the crowd goes to TSM), then got fast passes for TSM (which at that point were for the afternoon). We also did an early lunch at Starring Rolls, which worked out really well. The crowds thinned out at night.

    For your Epcot plan day 1, I didn't quite understand your timing but if you don't arrive until noon and then are going to the park I think you may find that fast passes are for much later in the day (or possibly even gone) and you may be better off hanging in the countries until later in the day. One exception might be Nemo, we found that was a walk-on even late morning.

    We arrived at rope drop on a non-EMH day for AK and found it very manageable. If you are really EE fans you may want to start there, we were able to do walk on and get fast passes, then still make it over to safari and rode standby with little wait. Based on our experience you will be able to do all that you plan prior to the 10:30 Nemo show.

    MK was probably the hardest to work around the crowds, so just have your patience and arrive early. If you are willing to get there for the early EMH I am sure that will help.

    For your dining, in order to help manage crowds at the QS locations CMs were handing out coupons offering a discount for prior to 11am and after 2 or 3pm. We weren't on a dining plan and had generally been up early and not eaten a big breakfast so we took advantage of this a few times, but you may want to be aware of it in your planning, I'm not sure how much it tends to impact the crowds.

    Finally, as it sounds like you already know, plan shows and big capacity experiences like hall of presidents for afternoon.

    It sounds like you have a great attitude, so don't let people's fears about visiting at the holidays get you down. We had a fabulous time, and we will definitely be returning at Easter because it often corresponds to our kids spring break. I hope these comments are helpful, but let me know if you have any specific questions
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  4. taraaplin

    taraaplin Mouseketeer

    Jan 26, 2013
    Thank you for your detailed reply! I'm a teacher and this was the only time DH and I share same days off this year!

    The children are all boys ages 2,7, and 10. We wanted to do the first rides that the two year old would be able to do too. I am still u sure how the whole swap thing works with parents of kids too little to ride. I am sure the CMs will be able to steer me in the right direction. Also, this is a first trip for me and the boys. I thank you for any suggestions. I was so nervous when I heard that this is one if the busiest times of year to go!
  5. blessedby3

    blessedby3 Actually Blessedby4 now, but cant change my userna

    Mar 7, 2003
    For rider swap you just go to the entrance of the ride and tell the CM that you need a baby swap ticket. They will give you a ticket that allows the other adult to get in the FP line after the first parent rides. This ticket also allows for 2 other people to get in line with the 2nd rider, so it works out great for your two older children. They can ride once with you, then again with your DH. My kids loved this too, as they could ride twice when DD5 was too small to ride.
    If you are in MK and riding Splash or Big Thunder, there is a playground for the little ones under the Splash waiting area. My dd loved to play there while waiting for the older ones to ride.
    There is also a play area at Mission Space in Epcot where you can do the same thing.
  6. Aryanna&BiancasMommy

    Aryanna&BiancasMommy Mouseketeer

    Jan 26, 2006
    I like the looks of your plan. So much that I have to laugh... That is almost our same plan for Easter week to the T. (even our Downtown Disney day and Wolfgang Pucks LOL) (well- except for the other meals... but still- we will be passing each other quite a bit. :) ) We are doing Magic Kingdom again on the 4th (Thursday) so we can make sure to get everything in that we want. And we are going back to Epcot on Friday. (we leave on Saturday).

    My suggestion for the 4th would be go to Magic Kingdom for a while and return to your resort to swim (or do other way...) You could probably do Disney Quest on Wednesday (since you will already be at Downtown Disney).
  7. Aryanna&BiancasMommy

    Aryanna&BiancasMommy Mouseketeer

    Jan 26, 2006
    Oh, and my husband is a teacher and I work for the school system... So I understand not having a chance at going in the off season. We went Easter 2006 and had a good time. Yes it is busy, but I found if we got there at open, we were able to get on the big rides with no problem... I know it wasn't bad until after lunch and that is when it got really crowded... (I used that time to do downtime at resort or to see some shows last time...)
  8. GrumpyDad1974

    GrumpyDad1974 DIS Veteran

    Apr 28, 2008
    We went the same time last year and we always plan according to extra hours but last year I went with easyWDW plans and Josh's predictions were good. Yes it was busy but we did everything we wanted to do. Someone had said that the park hours will change at the last minute and they do also for DHS they were letting people in earlier than opening time, not sure if they are still doing that but it was way better than the running of the TSM...
  9. ratfam

    ratfam Mouseketeer

    Feb 21, 2005
    One more thing, since your boys are fairly young I think that will make it easier for you to be there at a busier time. The younger kids tend to like the shows, parades, and play areas, all of which will be easier to get into than a major thrill ride at peak times. When my kids were younger they liked just walking around and looking at things, especially in the countries at Epcot (and it will be the flower/garden festival when you are there, which means even more to look at). So if you stick with your early entry plans and focus first on the things everyone wants, I think you will find things go well.

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