Check airline reservations often!!!

Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by amylynn, Mar 22, 2001.

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    Sep 6, 2000
    Just thought I would pass on some info that would have been very unpleasant for my family. We are leaving on June 16 for our first WDW trip and flying Delta from California. We have 5 people flying, my husband and I and our 8, 6, & 4 year old children. It will be my childrens first time flying. I made our reservations last month and got our seats reserved also, so we were all sitting together. I had to book 3 different reservations to get the great rate of $225 round trip. I have been going on Delta's web site and seeing how much the prices have been going up and down. Today I noticed that some of our flights have changed times and two of the flights have gone from a 767 to a 757 airplane. When I called Delta they told me that my 3 reservations for those two flights were spread all over the airplane. Thank goodness I had looked today or in June we would have gotten to the airport and the family would have been split up. They were very helpfull and got us all in the same row again for those two flights. It pays to keep checking. Sorry this is long but I wanted to pass this on.
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    Thanks, Amylynn for the tip!!

    I couldn't get seats for DH & I on our return flight out at 6am---we have to sit behind each other--hope they can do it at check in.

    Last trip, the airline called a couple days before to say seats and flight times were changed-when you have transportation, hotels, expecting you at one time, you have to make sure everyone has the new info--everything is subject to change!

    Have a do da day!

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    If you happen to have seats that aren't side by side when you get to the airport ask the ticket agent if there is anything they can do to get you beside one another. If you are nice about it, the agents will usually do whatever they can to help. I used to date an agent and he does it all the time for people.

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