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    Jun 27, 2007
    I was just re-reading the description of the cat. 4 rooms and noticed that the beds are: queen size bed or 2 twin beds, etc. What is up with that? How can you have 1 or the other? With the queen bed, the sofa bed and wall bed we will have 4 beds, my 2 sons can sleep in the sofa and wall bed, and then my husband, myself and daughter in the queen. I don't think it would work if we just pushed the twins togehter because of the crack that woudl be there? I'm confused!!!!!!!!! Somebody help me, lol!!!!!!!!!!!:confused3
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    In addition to the sofa bed and the wall bed, there is also a bed that comes down from the ceiling, like a bunk bed. The sofa bed is like a single when they remove the cushions. It's not the kind to fold out. I don't know about the queen, I thought it was a king that could be split to 2 twins if you want. The only drawback to the Cat. 4 is the wall bed blocks the door to the veranda. Our second cruise, we went with 2 Cat. 9's adjoining. More room plus 2 bathrooms! The Cat. 4 is terrific, though, and you will enjoy it!! Bring lots of organizational tools so the clutter of 5 people doesn't make you go Goofy!
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    Cabins on Disney have a queen bed that can be separated into two twin beds (when pushed together they are the queen and the seam is covered). It is your choice whether you want the queen or two twins. Your room steward will handle arranging the bed on what you decide.

    If you have five people in your Cat 4 cabin the sleeping arrangements would be either the 1 queen or 2 twins, the sofa bed (twin size), a pull down bed (from the ceiling), and a pull down twin size Murphy bed (from the wall). So it would be two people in the queen or twin beds, 1 person in the sofa bed, 1 person in the pull down bunk from the ceiling and 1 person in the Murphy bed for a total of five people in a Cat 4 cabin.

    Note, when the Murphy bed is down it blocks the access to the verandah. You have to climb over the bed to get out on the verandah.

    Hope this clears up the confusion.

    There is a photo of the the Cat 4 cabins with the Murphy bed down....maybe someone will post it.

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