Can't I catch a break???

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by jennifer03878, Mar 29, 2008.

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    Feb 25, 2007
    I logged onto Delta this AM and found 4 seats for direct flights both ways for $1132 :scared1: for the exact flights that we wanted (woo hoo). So of course I booked them. Then we get this message that our card didn't go through so our reservation is on hold for 24 hours??? excuse me?? i have more then enough on that card (I used our bank Debit/Credit card cause that all we have). When I went onto my bank to check what happened I found all 4 Delta charges. I called Delta and they said that they only got authorization for 2 of the charges yet all 4 show on my bank account..... grrrrr so now here I sit waiting for my bank to open to find out what happened and get my reservation squared away. I really thought we had finally caught a break with a great price then this.. so frustrating. We've purchased well over this amount at one time on our card but according to Delta our bank only authorized 1/2 of that. :confused:

    I can only hope that my bank has all 4 authorization numbers so I can call Delta back and finally get this reservation squared away. I highly doubt we'd be able to get such great pricing again (and besides the fact we took 4 of the last 6 available seats for the flight down)

    Has anyone ever had this happen to them booking a flight online?????
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    I have never had this happen to me when I booked online. Good luck!

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