Cancelling Tickets, inside 30 days?


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Mar 5, 2001
We're heading down on 7/14 with a hotel/7 day park hopper tickets for DH and I. Our plan was to upgrade the tickets to AP's when we got there, we have a trip planned for December. Well the AP price increase just killed that plan. Today I noticed that Sam's club still might have AP's at a discount. I know that there is a $200 cancellation fee, but what about keeping the room and cancelling the tickets? Will I still be charged the $200 fee?

I figured I'd start here to see if anyone has an experience with this. TIA!
Is it a room and ticket package? Or do you have a dining plan as well? If you have room/tickets/dining, call and ask to remove the tickets. You will most likely be charged a $50 fee. If it's just room and tickets, call and ask to remove the tickets and create a "basic package" (you may need to ask for a guest services supervisor to do this). This is the only way you can create a room-only reservation as a package without canceling the package and booking a room-only. Again, you will most likely incur a $50 change fee. If they won't change the package to a "basic package" and insist you have to book room-only, you would have to cancel the package, incur the $200 fee and then re-book as a room-only reservation. I would try the "basic package" route to see if you can pay $50 instead of $200.


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