Can you buy Magic Kingdom Tickets at Walmart?


May 13, 2001
I heard this mentioned in a post, is this TRUE? And can you buy them for JUST ONE DAY? Are they cheaper at Walmart, or cheaper at the gate (for one day only). Thank you.
yes the super walmart sells all the tickets at either 5 or 10% discount. I can't remember how much. The service was spectacular, in and out in no time. There is a seperate travel store right in the front of the store.
Does anybody know which Walmarts have this special travel store? We are staying at the Days Inn Maingate East in Kissemee, West Irlo Bronson Highway address, is there a Walmart near there? ANd can you buy only one day tickets?
The Wal-Mart travel center does not sell one-day tickets, except occasionally for Animal Kingdom. (Disney has a "lock" on one-day passes -- they are only available at the gate.) The Wal-Mart does normally carry all of the standard multi-day Hopper passes, at about a 5% discount.

Here's a link to the full info on the location and phone number, etc:



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