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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by ronirp, May 17, 2007.

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    Feb 28, 2007
    Well, since United moved our return flight from 7:45pm to 4:15pm, they agreed that we can change the return date without penalty or price increase!!!! So instead of returning home Jan. 1 2007, we plan on staying until Fri. Jan 4 for a total 8-9 days at the park - I am so excited!!!
    However, now I have a whole new set of questions.
    I know prices go down Jan. 1, but I need a new reservation, which is fine, so I thought we would move to a new hotel. The first part of the trip is POFQ, so now I am debating where to move to - another moderate, try a deluxe? Before making a decision, here are my questions (and feel free to answer any questions I did not ask)
    1. Price is still an issue, so most of the deluxe seem a bit too much - however, how likely is it that there will be discount codes for those dates?
    2. I really like the concept of AKL, but we probably will stay at a room with parking lot view. Is it still worth it?
    3. Is AAA worth it for 3 nights (either deluxe or moderate) - the AAA membership does not offer a discount for holiday rate, so I did not bother until now.
    3. If we choose to go to another moderate - which one? CBR or CSR?

    Wow I cannot believe this!


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