Can someone PLEASE help me.


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Apr 15, 2006
I have been an avid scrapbooker for sometime now. I am heading down to Disney is just 13 short days (or long days, if you ask me) and I'm gearing up to make one hellava big scrapbook for this trip. One thing that I would like to incorporate is journaling that uses the computer and specific fonts. I do have some fonts on my computer now (some that came with the computer I guess and some that came from a CD from Stampin Up) But now, I would love to use the Disney ones in this album. My problem, is aside from email, Disboards, ebay and the occassional other websites....I'm not very educated when it comes to the computer.

I'm ashamed to say that I have NO CLUE how to download a font and then how to actually USE it. Can someone give me a play by play. I'm serious. From step one, to where I download it to, to where I go when I want to use it, to how to actually use it. Yes, people like me actually do function in this world without knowing what I am sure is a very basic thing. But if someone can give me some step by step help, I'd appreciate it. I already have all my scrapbooking stuff purchased and ready to go. All I need is some brand-y new Disney fonts and some pictures and I'm ready to go. I have seen some websites that have fonts on them, I just don't know what to do when I get there. I have no clue what zipped or unzipped means. So please, when you explain it to me.....please try to use "big" words LOL I really don't mind if you explain it to me like I'm in 3rd grade but be gentle. :rotfl:

Downloading and installing fonts is so easy. Once you start... well I have a couple thousand now :D

Download the font from the site you find it (usually a click will get you a download box) and save it to your desktop. If it is a zip folder you'll need to unzip it. Double click on the folder and on the left you'll see "extract all files" do this and save to your desktop again.

once they are extracted, open Control Panal - Fonts and drag your .TTF fonts into it. That'll install them and you're good to go

Oh and if they're not zipped, you can just go to the drag into font folder step


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