Can I make an 11:35AM Flight?

Ours was at a similar time and we made it with time to spare. Of course, we were somewhere in the first 100 people to disembark as we had early seating and then went straight into line. We also used a towncar service so we did not have to wait for a bus to fill up before leaving for the airport.

We have only been on two Disney cruises (with 2 more booked:D ) so I am certainly not an expert on this. I understand that there can be hold-ups with disembarkation, however, I will not hesitate to book another return flight in the 11:30 - noon range for us. Happy cruising :cool:
we were early seating and had to wait five minutes in the lobby after breakfast to get off the ship...7:30 I think it was. we were at the airport by nine and struggled to find a flight earlier than success. you should make it with no trouble.
You will definitely want to disembark early to be sure you make it. On our last two cruises, we didn't rush as we had late seating breakfast and knew we could leave immediately after with no waiting for transportation because we had Happy Limo picking us up. Also, our flights were later (one was 12:30 and one was 2:30). But when we arrived at MCO, it looked like every passenger from every cruise line had arrived there at the same time. On our last trip (thankfully the one with the 2:30 flight), there was a sign saying the security line was 90 minutes!! We did some shopping and had lunch at Chili's, and by the time we were done, it was down to 30 minutes.
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We have 2nd seating on our next cruise but we're gonna just grab something quick from topsiders before debarking and hopefully be off early. Our flight is 11:35 a.m. too. We're using a shuttle service we heard about on these boards called Your ride. Driver is meeting us at 8:15 a.m.
(by the way, we adore our Pug, Daisy, too !)
Why are Disney transportation (busses) not available that early in the morning. I too have an early flight and am relying on Disney Transportation to get me to the airport early.
Our friends got to the airport by 9:30 a.m. when they went in Sept. 2001 by Disney Trans. Has anything changed since then?
If so pls let me know.
There are 5 of us so it would cost $125 to us DCL bus. The private shuttle is $70 for all 5. Also I've heard the DCL buses fill up quickly, but by using Yourride shuttle, we don't have to wait at all. Driver said he'd be waiting with sign with my name on it and he knows we have an 11:35 flight home. He said "No problem!". Have heard many good things about this company on these boards.


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