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Sep 12, 1999
We just arrived home from our quick "Emergency fix" trip, we had a blast. The campground was full and most of the sites were very nicely decorated for the holiday.

Just curious when you all camp how do you decorate your campsite if at all, regardless of the time of year you visit??

We like to string up lots of lights, along with our signs, we also have some mickey shaped frames we have strung lites through that make great hidden mickeys at night when lit up.

Anyway we got a lot of nice decorating ideas this past trip...... :) :)

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We string up White christmas lights around the awning and whatever is leftover, we string down the poles of the awning.
I also made a ball with multi-colored christmas lights and plastic cups and hang it from my awning. I then put out my oil lamps on the picnic tables. If it's a holiday (for example, Halloween) I'll take a fake pumkin (that has a light in it) and put it on the table outside.
If I have my screened gazebo up, I'll also strings lights inside it too.

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When we last went at Christmastime in 1999, we saw some wonderful decorations! The holiday spirit overtook me just walking back and forth to the comfort stations in the early a.m. I craned my neck every which way looking at all the beatiful, colorful decorations!! FW people really do it up, I saw. The golf carts were even decorated with multi-colored lights!!
I am thinking about what WE can do for our trip that will be at the end of June and into July!! I'd like to do something spectacular for the 4th!! With the campsite AND the golf cart we are going to rent. I am going to start looking now but don't know what kind of selection there will be at this time of year.

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We decorated out site last year for Christmas. It was pretty done up but of course there were several others who did much more.

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Welcome back from your quick trip!

We usually just hang camplights around our tent and screen tent. Or in this year's case, we hung them around our pop-up. We have 2 sets - one set is little cowboy boots & chili peppers, and the other set is little chinese lanterns.

It makes it really easy to spot our campsite when we're coming down the street at night! :D

- Rhonda :-)
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We had our site decorated for xmas & new Years, but we were in the 2000 loop and nobody saw it!!
We've gone to FW during the month of December every year since '95, and have accumulated more stuff every year. Since we were there for 5 1/2 weeks this year, we brought even more stuff. I even start scoping out golf cart decorations after the holidays (to get a discount), as we do the lights and everything on the golf cart too! We had "Site of the Day" for a couple of days while we were there, although you do not have to be real heavily decorated to get that. We even plant poinsettias in the ground during the holiday and leave them there when we go. There have been years that they have still been there when we returned! We stay in the pet loops, and it seems as though there are more decorations, there and in the premium loops. Also, the kids like to take their 3-D glasses from the Osborne Light Display at MGM and wear them while we are on the golf cart at night to look at the decorations! Christmas is a very fun time to be a WDW and I am always amazed at how far people go to bring the Christmas spirit with them!


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