Nov 19, 2001
We are cruising on Jan. 26, and I would like to take our camcorder to the beaches. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on where to keep the camcorder when we're not using it. I'm afraid by just keeping it on the beach chairs, that it might be stolen. Also, during the air flight, is it best to carry it on, or pack it in the luggage? Thanks for your help.
kdmkdm7: I would roll the camcorder up in a beach towel (on the beach) when not in use, that way it will be out of direct sunlight AND sight. I would carry it on the airplane. Have you seen how the baggage handlers throw the luggage around? I have, not a pretty sight.

BTW, we'll be sailing on the 26th too!
Definitely carry the camcorder on board but make sure you have it stacked with all your other bags before leaving home (this handy hint comes from the voice of experience when DH had the camera bag all ready but left it in the dining room, resulting in it being left behind!). We took the other cameras (digital, SLR and underwater disposable) to all the beaches in St Maarten, St Thomas and CC in a tote bag which we kept under our loungers and covered with a towel and they were fine.

Have a great time - wish I was going on Jan 26! Oh well, roll on August!
I learned a hard lesson on my last vacation ... NEVER pack your camera or camcorder in your luggage !! My camera never worked right after I did that - and I had no recourse because I couldn't prove the airline had damaged it.

One other tip - You don't necessarily have to put it in a camera bag. You can put your camera equipment in a well padded big bag, so it isn't obvious that it's a camcorder or camera. Thieves spot the camera bags and just take the whole thing. I know this from first hand experience, too .. I loaned my camcorder to a friend who went to France and the entire bag was stolen at the airport.

PS. We're on the 1/26 Magic, too !!
In Nov I traveled alone on the RCI Explorer and went to St Thomas from there I went over to St John and Truck Bay I had done research and found they have lockers $3.I think for rent so i took my camcorder did my filming then locked the camcorder up while I swam .I am also on the 1-26 and this time from what I have read they have lockers at cokie beach so that is what I am planning but I think you have to buy admission to coral world which is like $18.00 .If anyone knows of beaches with lockers please post .This is a problem because it is possible the camera could be taken and you are out your pictures\film in thecamers plus camera . Thank godness these boards are backup for last min advice . See you all on the ship . Doreen :



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