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Earning My Ears
Jan 7, 2001
Been reading a lot about picking the loops. Our kids are 5, 9, 12, and 15 and we have reserved a cabin. Is there any point putting in the effort to pick a spot? We will have a van there with us, which I don't want to use a lot for day to day running around the site, so... should I be asking for a location and who do I call? thanks
We faxed a room request three days before our arrival and all 3 of our requests were honored. FW fax # is 407-824-3508. Our requests were non smoking, close to the pool, and close to the front of the loop(it is a long walk to the back of the loop). Our cabin was in great location, we had #2604.
You won't be able to drive your van around the campground. Motor traffic is only permitted to enter and exit the campground.
We also stayed in loop 2600 last november, cabin 2601. we found it to be a good location.
We have also stayed in 2600 loop--2618 I believe. Not bad!!!But the first time we stayed at FW we were in cabin 2530. Ideal!!!!! :D The pool and laundry is within 100' from this cabin. You can see the pool from the deck. It was cool.
We have also stayed in the 2700 loop. If you can request a cabin near the front or the end of the loop, as the ones in the middle make for a long walk if you dont have a cart.

You may also want to look into renting a golf cart for your stay. This is a must for our trips. It is handy to carry the kids to the pool, to carry the laundry to do, to ride to the marina each morning to catch the boat to the MK, or just ride around and enjoy the beauty of the resort. You can rent one at FW or I have been reading a lot on these boards about renting from an outside company(cant remember the name of the place--sorry). Just search and I'm sure you will come across it.

Can't wait for our next trip!!!!!!!!!

Hi! Have also stayed in the 2600 loop everytime, and it's ideal! Right next to the smaller pool, which is quieter and more relaxing than the one at the Meadows. Also, the laundry is located here (very important this last trip w/ a 2 year old!), and the bus stop is very close by. I did notice, as of October 21, that some loops had not converted all the homes to cabins. The cabins are a bit more spacious in their layout than the older Wilderness homes, but they offer the same amenities. Have Fun!

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