BWV 1-br standard & preferred in same week - should I ?


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Jun 24, 2000
A quick question for all the Boardwalk experts out there ! We have a two week stay planned for early June, and are staying at BWV the first week. The original reservation was for five nights in a preferred studio - the daughter and I would go down first and the DW would join the two of us mid-week. Well, plans change and all three of us head down at the start - so we decided that a one-bedroom would be more suitable.

Here is the scenario, though - we would check in monday of the first week and check out friday. MS did not have a one-bedroom at BWV standard or preferred available for the entire four days. She did, however, have a preferred one-bedroom available for the first two days, and a standard one-bedroom available for the next two ( a standard available at BWV four months out, amazing ..). Since this was the best I could get at this time I took it. of course ;) .

Should I just stick with this scenario, or try to get the other two nights in the same category later on, and what would be the best way to do this ?? Many persons on this board have mentioned using the "waitlist" but I have never, till now, felt I had any need to use it and do not know the best way to make use of it for this reservation.

As I see it, to stay at BW I have three choices :

1. Keep the reservation as-is, and move mid-week.

2. Try to get nights 3 & 4 preferred one-bedroom.

3. Try to get nights 1 & 2 standard one-bedroom.

Any and all advice welcome..:smooth:
hi: i'd try the waitlist both ways-for the preferred or standard views. if you use auto confirm, ms will not even have to call you. if all else fails, then it looks like you are moving mid-week. you will have to call back at the 30 day mark and extend yourself on the waitlist if something doesn't open up before then.

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