BW or BC studio for Easter?


Sep 12, 2014
Tomorrow my 7 month window opens and I’m hoping to switch my current BLT studio to either a BW or BC studio. It will be for 4 nights over Easter. Both are available right now. I’ve stayed at BWI a few times and have enjoyed it, although not for Easter. Never stayed at BC. Which would you choose for Easter? I’m definitely interested in the resort Easter activities. My kids will be 4 and almost 6 at the time of travel.

Has anyone stayed at either during Easter and could offer any insight? TIA!


Nov 29, 2004
I have never been to WDW over Easter, my sister went on year over Easter, she stayed at the Poly before DVC. She couldn't get into the MK because it was so crowded. All the parks were crowded, this is part of the reason I don't go at that time of the year. That being said I think if it were me I would try BC since you have never stayed at that resort. It is always nice to try something new. I am partial to BW but to have a basis of comparison for future trips it might be nice to try BC. Let us know what you decide and happy planning. :flower1:


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Aug 19, 1999
Done BWV at Easter but not BCV, but I assume activities are similar. If you have not done Easter time before, be aware Disney does not treat Easter anywhere near the way it treats Christmas. For the most part, it is more like just another spring break week.You get some Easter decorations at the Resort, particularly in the lobby (likely more so at BC than BCV if you choose BCV). As to actual resort events, all are really only on Easter morning. At BWV, Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny make an appearance, there is a Easter egg hunt -- just little plastic things with some candy inside -- which is typically way over-crowded but at least designed to try to assure everyone gets something, and they have areas devoted to kids doing crafts. That is about it for events the entire Easter time at BWV, and other resorts are similar (although particular characters on Easter vary, and some restaurants have Easter Brunches -- BC and BW do not have one but Yacht Club does).
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Aug 26, 2003
The Easter Egg decorations are very cute! We were not there for Easter itself. I think these are all from BC.

Because of the pool, and probably nice weather, I would pick BCV for the stay.



Sep 12, 2014
Thanks for the responses everyone! I ended up switching to BW because BC wasn’t available right at 8am. I’m not sure if someone was just quicker than me or snatched it up the night before. Anyways, I’m excited. We’re doing 4 nights in a studio at BW and then 3 nights in a 1 bdrm at BLT.

I know it’s going to be crowded but I’m ok with that. I’m a teacher so I’m used to traveling during peak times.


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