Bringing wine on board ship to dine with


Earning My Ears
Jan 18, 2002
In the past on other cruise ships, we brought our own bottles of wine (typically not available on the ship). Our cabin steward would take the bottle we wanted to have with dinner and have it at our table when we arrived. They merely charged a corkage fee. Does anyone know if DCL allows such a practice?
They have a reasonable wine list, with bottles from $20 (or so as I recall) on up to $100+ - We did their wine package, so I only looked at the prices once.

After finding out about the corkage fee (which I think is outragously high) we decided not to bring our own wine to dinner and just used the wine package to try some different wines that we might not otherwise have tried.

We still brought some bottles with us, but after spending $30 to $40 on some of the bottles already, we decided to enjoy it on the veranda rather than pay the additional price for the priviledge of having it at dinner - with the exception of one very nice wine that we brought specifically for desert at Palos.

Originally posted by Firefighter Mickey
with the exception of one very nice wine that we brought specifically for desert at Palos.

Trentino Moscato? Our server talked us into trying a bottle at Parrot Cay. We enjoyed it so much, we had a second bottle a few nights later at Palos. Both my DH and I enjoyed this sweeter wine, but unfortunately our local stores will only sell it by the case. (A case would last us over a year, unless we went on another cruise..then it would be gone within the week.LOL) Scott, can you suggest something similar? You know we considered you the wine guru at our wine tasting party. LOL

For those interested in a price comparison: DCL price was $31/bottle. Local store was @$16/bottle.
We brought a Champaign from S. Anderson vinyards. A reasonably small vinyard that we encountered on a trip to CA, and not anything that DCL stocks.

It sounds like you had something of the Sauterne (sorry for the spelling) variety - a late season grape, usually picked right before the frost - which can be tricky. These are generally very sweet and can be very good with various deserts.

Like I said, hardly a guru, more like a "wannabe" but can't afford it (though truthfully, you can find some excellent bargains in wine and sometimes, the more expensive ones are not always better).
Sounds like the price of wine is about the same as any restaurant (100% markup). I didn't really think the corakage fee was tooooo outrageous (depending on the wine your bringing). In CA. restaurants the average corkage is about $10.00 with tax and of course you do tip on your entire meal.

The Trention Muscato you were taking about is from the region of Trentino in Italy. The grape is a muscato (or muscat here in the US). This is a lovely desert wine. Numberous US wineries make this in various styles from lightly sweet to extremely sweet.

Check out this web site and see if this was the bottle that you had.

Firefighter Mickey, just had to say I enjoyed coming across your mention of S. Anderson champagne. Discovered them on a trip to Napa and liked the champagne so much I had a case shipped home...wish we still had some!
We took a very expensive bottle to Palo's and we were not charged a corkage fee. I do not know if this was just an oversight or what.


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